Best Computer Chair?


i tend to spend a lot of time on the comp and i am looking to get me a computer chair that i can sit on for long hours without suffering from back pain, etc. i want to spend around $400 max. can some one guide me in finding a really cool design and comfortable with good ergonomics…

thank you very much!

Every body type is different, so trying different chairs yourself will help.

I personally am currently using a Humanscale freedom which you can get the non-headrest version for around $500. Can maybe look into Ebay or some other sites with some used office furniture to save some money.

Keep in mind the best thing to avoid back pain is making sure you get up every once in a while and walk around and do some stretches. One easy way to force yourself to do this is to keep a big jug of water by your desk. Keeps you hydrated and you’ll need to pee so often it will force you to get up periodically. :smiley:

Check around at some office furniture dealers in your area. Some sell to the public a few times a year, and you can get some pretty good deals. A few months ago when businesses were going bankrupt, I saw a room full of Humanscale chairs for $150 a piece (the non-headrest version, but still…)

Costco sells Herman Miller Equa and Caper chairs, along with a number of HON Chairs within your price range.