Best city for ID.?

I’m asking all in all. Which ciy is the best to study in, then have the best chance to settle down as an industrial designer? Where there are plenty of opportunities. I’m curious whioch is the best in Europe and in the world as well? A lot come to mind, London, NYC, Berlin, Amsterdam etc. Any tips?

You’ve named several good ones already, but don’t forget those great places out west… Los Angeles (argualbly ID mecca, where many trends, especially automotive, start), Portland, Seattle, etc.

Never forget about Italy, lots of great places to design in that country… Also, I’ve got an ID buddy in Scandanavia and he loves it…some of the highest standards of living and happiest people are from Scandanavia, Norway if I remember correctly from the article I read.

The most important part of the decision is to determine what YOUR favorite kind of place to live is…then you’ll most likely be happiest designing there. If you LOVE Columbus, OH, lots of great places to work. If you’ve got to be living with 8 million other people, NYC is where it’s at. It will just depend on your interests, both in ID and beyond.

International experience is a great thing to have and I think would be easier to obtain when you’re a young professional vs. when you’re married with kids or something like that…I can’t imagine uprooting my family right now to move to Japan, although some have done it with great success.

Then again, in this economy (what is “this economy” I keep hearing about anyway) maybe the best city for ID is the one you get an offer in!

Just my $0.02.

I disagree about LA being ID mecca. The number of ID firms down there is very low. It’s a city dominated by the entertainment industry. Not even that many automotive studios (although ACCD is there, which gives it that rep).

The Bay Area, Portland and Chicago are definitely good places.

the question assumes there’s a “one size fits all” solution.
All the cities you mention are the best - depending on who you are.


Also no one has mentioned Boston? or Cleveland? Both support a decently high amount of design companies in a wide array of industries. I think you have to break it down like the guy in Twisted Sister said ,“Whaddya wanna do with your life?” then find the area that has the most of whatever that is.

Just my thoughts.

I think San Francisco would be up there if not the best.

Cleveland… Cleveland is working on it, they have a good school. But so does Detroit, and Detroit is more fun.

It all depends on what you are looking for, pace of life, lifestyle, cultural activities …