Best CAD program

Hey i am looking at purchasing a CAD program for product design/engineering work and was wondering which was the best in which areas (advantages and disadvantages). Solidworks is a name that has popped up, as with CATIA, UGS NX, etc. I would appreciate some input from someone with experience in one or more of these softwares.
thanks a bunch

Hi Rudy:

This topic has been flogged MANY times on these forums. I suggest you dig through the Software and Technology folder for some insight into this topic.

I suggest asking not this board but your list of favorite companies. If your dream is to work at Nike or Harley then ask for an informal information interview… and ask during the interview what software they use.

Many times there is a disconnect too. Between ID’ers and ME’ers.

I think Alias with the basic knowledge of Pro-E is pretty good. Or, generally, a nurbs and parametric package in tandem.

I heard Blender is on a come-up!

It helps that it’s free and pretty powerful. I just don’t know that it’s good as a design for manufacture package. I’ve used it as a rendering vessel for Solidworks models and the free render engines available for Blender are pretty impressive.

check out ashlar vellum’s GRAPHITE for a CAD drafting

Check out Autocad Release 13!

If you walked into an interview and told me you knew Blender and Graphite I would assume you had no knowledge of any relavent 3D software that is used for ID.

If you told me you knew: Rhino, Solidworks, Alias, Pro E, CATIA, or Unigraphics I would think you were in good shape. Solid modelling and NURBS modelling packages are what is relevant for ID.

3D modelling packages like 3D Studio Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, and others (like Blender) are relevant if your job only entailed making pretty images or animations. It’s a nice bonus - but if you plan on doing any type of production 3D work then it’s hard to assume someone can jump from working in polygons/sub division surfaces to Nurbs/Solid techniques.

The flip side is if you know Solidworks and my company uses Pro E, I know it will only take you a short time to grasp the necessary concepts.


well put!