Best book to learn 3Dmax?


i need to learn 3d studio max asap…wht is a good book that would teach me the interface and got tutorials to teach me steo by step?

thanx n adv

Modeling in Discreet 3ds max 6 DVD by George Maestri really does the job. You can learn by looking at tutorials on the web but youll never learn fast like in this DVD because the video really guides you point by point to learn the interface. These are really worth the investment. Each of the links below have video samples

Learning 3DS

Modeling in 3DS

I learnt the sofware this way and I can assure you that it works

never tried this one but it looks good

thanks for the info, but i cant seem to find the price of this DVD!

would you recomemd the DVD or the book (is there a book?)?

thnks n adv. is an online training site…I never used it but it seems that you stream video from the site for a monthly or annual subscription. 25$ to access this video isnt really expensive. I would really recommend a video tutorial rather than a book…you tend to learn faster when you actually see someone do it (since you said you need to learn asap).

If the online training at doesnt really appeal you, just search the net for “learning 3ds max dvd” im sure theres plenty of video tutorials on the subject.

i have used linda before. her books are really good. i will check it outher streaming videos.