Best and worst design movements?

I’d say that most people love the midcentury modern design area with its unique forms and optimistic colors. However, there had been some pretty weird design trends. I’ve recently learned about the “Memphis” era during the 80s. Were there other weird design trends?


I LOVE* Memphis! Mr. Boss, don’t make fun of me too much when you read this.

*Mostly because it is so out there that it has to be interesting, regardless of how bad it might be. It’s also recent enough that it isn’t taught in the history classes nearly as much as Bauhaus, Midcentury Modern, and others. My design history teacher had an awesome class, but he told us he was traumatized by growing up and going to school in the 80s-90s, so he would skip through it quickly.

Looking at my 1994 “Products by Design” book, a lot of the Memphis stuff made it into 90s products below, but to a lesser extent and with more apparent logic. Funny how this era is surprisingly hard to find online also.

How about the tailfin cars of the 1950’s and 60’s?

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I like memphis too. Then again, I like Husker Du. I will understand if my son detests both.