Best Affordable Food In Your City?

Well so far I have been in Boston for a few months, this is what I have found:

Pizza- The Upper Crust

Sushi- Fins

Tavern Food - Roggies & Whiskey’s (15cent wings!)

Beer- Sunset Bar & Grill, The Lower Depths

Spanish Food- Anna’s, Miami Cafe

Barbecue- Village Smoke House

taco bell if you don’t mind eating grade F chicken…

Haha, I like this thread.

Savannah, GA:

Pizza: Screamin’ Mimi’s :: Vinnie Van Gogo’s :: Pizza Rustica

Sushi: Sakura

Burgers: B&D Burgers (great burgers and great student discount on thursdays)

Barbeque: Angel’s

Middle Eastern: Al Salaam Deli

Mexican: Carlito’s

I’m sure I forgot a bunch, help me out!


Props to another Savannian, I lived off B&D Burgers for at least 2 years during school tearing up all the burger selections. Here’s a few of my fav’s from Savannah:

Jamaican- Island Breeze

Sushi/Indian- The Seasons

Cheap Ass Chinese- Long Garden

Design Engine,

I used to live in Chicago as well, right off Belmont and Broadway. I used to grub consistently at a Gyro joint right underneath the Red Line Belmont stop!
fat gyro, fries and drink 5$. Back in 2001. Or the crazy ass hot dog stand down Broadway close to the Chicago hostel.

Chicago has nice eateries. I’m in Ohio, and well Warren, OH has nothing, NOTHING. I have not eaten out in like two months.

i am very disappointed with that boston list…

Baja style street tacos are the cheapest good-food in San Diego.
Trader Joes and Costco are the best places to buy good cheap food.

-Then there is Sushi Wabi. I eat there at least three times per week

But lately I am on that quest for the fish taco…


Well enlighten a brother…

Savannah, GA::

the end all, be all of the most delicious and most affordable food in all of Savannah and in the entire state of Georgia… (possibly the world)

Zunzi’s takeout

located on York street off of Drayton

owned by a married couple; one from South Africa, the other from Switzerland

order the Conquistador sandwich, the Meatloaf sandwich, or the Fisherman’s deck sandwich to start your journey

say goodbye to all other food.


Zunzi’s is pretty dope, they are slightly bordering expensive. I don’t know about the food being the end all but, that damn sweet tea is the best thing since sliced bread! The line waiting for the food is ridiculous, so it says something about the popularity.

oh man, i can’t even start to list places in orange county. costa mesa, irvine, huntington beach, tustin, etc.

pho, ramen, delis, taquerias, persian, indian, thai, you name it, it’s all there and pretty cheap, too.

Wahoos Fish Taco in HB

Wahoos Fish Taco in HB

HA!.. That exactly where I had lunch today!

i eat at wahoos in irvine with some coworkers.

fish bowl, blackened/cajun with lots of green sauce.

the veggie grill by UCI.

mitsuwa in costa mesa for ramen.

california fish grill on barranca and culver, white roughy in galic sauce over rice.

jalapenos taqueria

pho bac for pho (o rly?).

thanhs for bun cha gio

guppy tea house FTW.

circle of life for organic indian food.

felix continental cafe for cuban, orange - on the circle.

tsunami (?) in HB for sushi.

in n out for the burgers.

I lived off of Vinnie in college. One more to add to the list is iff you want to spend a bit more (and I mean just a bit) you have to include Tubby’s Tank House. It’s the best fried shrimp in town.

…and San Diego’s food specialty is carne asada fries (fries topped with a good helping of carne asada, guacamole, sour cream, and cheese). At no more than $6 a plate (and may I add, a huge plate) at a variety of taco shops (mostly in the south San Diego area), it’s definitely worth it. You might even have to share. However, if you’ve got leftovers, they’re great for saving and eating some other time. For me, it’s nice knowing that I’ve got some carne asada fries to eat when I feel like snacking on something good.