Bertone Mantide/Project M thoughts?

But first who sings the song at the start? Very catchy!

What do you make of the design?

I kinda like it, despite it being a bit overly aggresive/over the top. I especially like the rear end and tail light treatment.

What I dont like: the wheels look too small (perspective of the photo?) and the wheel wells look unfinished with all those choppy straight segments.

Too much cowbell.

LOL, too much cowbell for sure.

Back end composition is interesting. Forms on the side look very clunky.

It’s very agressive and futuristic, but doesn’t do much for me.

And “mantide” is just an awful name. :laughing:

as in a tide of men?

What’s with Bertone and the graduated dots? Those always get me.

If you squint, there’s a nice tapered gesture that runs from the front wheel back to the rear lights, and from the windshield over the roof and down to the middle of the rear lights. I like the idea of the rear wheel fender coming up and floating over that tapered from to create a pass through, but the surface execution and cut lines are pretty outlandish.

The rear end kind of reminds me of the Swamp thing…sort of a respirator + eyes graphic.

I like it. It’s what concept cars should be: over the top. This thing takes all of those little details in cars like the Evoque and multiples them by 20.

It’s interesting that you bring up the dots Brett. I thought that was a very retro '80’s touch.

Washing all the road tar and caked on insects out of all those deep nooks and crannies would be fun to look forward to… . .

Overall, I see a dissociate '70’s kit car look to it; the aft end having an overworked Vader-StarWarsian flavor to it, while the front was seemingly neglected (perhaps because the rear took so much time to develop?).

too much going on for me

Usually I like things more the second time around… not so much with this one. All those facets on the front end and yet it still reads as a bit bland.

Some might call this over designed, but I think it was actually under designed.

The lines and shape on the door and side panels look all wrong. No flow, like a lump of molten plastic :astonished: I am hetro but even to me the designer looks more interesting than the car :wink:

Any idea on who sings the song in the video? You lot are useless :smiley:

Found this photo next to an Aston Martin-

I will take the Aston though.

She wants revenge - Us

Tip: just google a sentence, you’re bound to get a result at a lyrics page.

On topic: Rear and some details are cool, but the whole is… meh. Also, I’ve seen those front lights in student sketches as often as hubless wheels, and they impress me as much.

The rear has some interesting things going on, sort of an R8 on drugs, but the side I think is complex for complexity’s sake. Why?

Seen them in concert a couple of times… good stuff.