Bepster's Portfolio review

Hello everyone,

It’s time to get back out there!

I just re-vamped my work and got one of those Squarespaces, that is all the rave these days.
Still tweaking some alignment stuff but the work is all there.

Challenge has been to show a skillset and experience in CE, which I have been doing for the last year and a half when practically all of it is confidential concept work or in development.
So I ended up designing two personal projects in the last 2 weeks, Pool and Domino.

Comments, thoughts, critiques are welcome.
Anything you guys are missing?

Thanks in advance!

Images might need a bit of reformatting on the Olympic Torch page. The text is cutting off on my screen size (1366x768).

I love your newest two projects. Even though they were quick, I think they are nicer and have more of a story than the Heat Cooker, which has more of the student feel (here are my sketches, here is my model-making process, etc.).

Have you thought about your home screen having a teaser image (and link) to each project? For the impatient ones of us out there, that could be a good way to catch someone’s interest rather than having them guess from only the names.

Give my some teasers of your projects over a bandy gradient any day of the week. :wink:

Apart from that, great site and great work. Love that torch!

Ah yes. That seems to be an issue with this theme on Squarespace… I tested it now on a bunch of platforms and screens and it seems to be fine. Still a problem? Which slide is it?

I’ll keep an eye out for this issue.

Well spotted. It was indeed a school project, 5 weeks in Junior year. While I was putting together my work now and looked through my old stuff, I realized that I actually really liked the concept. It is a socially conscious project and I felt with a lot of the glitzy stuff I have, it might show some more breadth and weight. While I have not worked a lot in this realm, I am very interested and would love to.

As for the thumbnails on the home screen. I went back and forth on this. This theme does’t offer this I think. Lots of others do. In the end I decided that I liked the visual full bleed flow more that this theme has than the more traditional “click the thumbnail” themes with scroll down.

I can definitely see though that it might be frustrating to have to click the menu names in good faith.
So, I might very well revise this and find a clever way of teasing without it looking too messy on the home screen.

Thanks for the comments, guys!

ps. a friends just noticed a typo on the Heat front page… “tuck” instead of “struck”… will be fixed when I get to the office tomorrow :wink:

That’s a very nice portfolio, I especially liked the Domino concept. I also liked how it ended with a full page image, whereas for e.g. the torch I kept expecting an image of it in use, so I felt the project ended a bit abruptly.

(Spotted a typo as well - customization on domino NIKEiD page.)

Just a heads up, and hopefully nothing is wrong with the site, but I got this notice when I went to look at your site. I saw it yesterday before you changed to the custom domain link and it worked fine.
From what I can recall yesterday, I thought that the full bleed template was really nice for how you used it. The phone project is really clean and well done.

For the teaser images, maybe there is a way to incorporate them into the semi-transparent bar and overlay the names on top of those images.

WOW. your portfolio is stellar.

i have to agree on the fact that the two newest projects feel way more professional, and that the others feel more studenty (namely the lamp and the heatcooler. they both are very nice, they just dont have the level of refinement the newer work does.). Honestly, I would just go about updating, and removing older projects and continue to replace them with newer work. It looks absolutely rad, and I hope to one day have work this strong.

Cool portfolio Bepster!

I really like the story telling of the projects, for spending just a couple of weeks on the new ones, the results are excellent! I would add a bit more to the about page and maybe also show a picture of yourself.

Good luck finding something!

I also received an error about an invalid security certificate, FYI.

Strange this certificate thing. And not good.
The thing is, I have no idea what to do about it as it is a Squarespace template.

Anybody else ever had this issue?

Anyway, I have been tempering with the site to tighten it up here and there. Added an image to the front page, a portrait to the about page, re-wrote said page, added a few close up renders here and there as well as made the intro slides consistent.

Thanks for taking a look.
The main purpose for the site is for job applications since Uncle Sam is giving me the boot and I will have to relocate to Europe.

No idea. But I got the same thing.

How are you forwarding your domain? Is the site hosted on your own server?

I got nothing functional on mobile safari. Just half an image but can’t do anything.


argh… I sent Squarespace an email about these issues.

So I am not doing anything at all related to web hosting and didn’t mess with it. This is all on their end and what I am paying them for.
I chose the domain and registered it with them.

It is frustrating if people click a link to my site and the first thing they see is a warning sign that it might be malware…

I apologize and also asked about mobile formatting and responsiveness. Until I get some feedback from Squarespace, maybe you could give my site a shot on a desktop. It looks good on an ipad, which I tested. I would not want to miss out on your feedback because the architecture is faulty on mobile.

UPDATE: I figured it out. In my original link, I had https, a secure connection. This is not supported or necessary which is why it promoted the error message. Corrected now to http. Sorry about the confusion guys. Learned something here.

Works for me on Chrome (desktop).

Awesome portfolio! I love the torch and your explanation of each design decision. Must have been cool to be a part of something so global.

You are on a genuine roll with that portfolio and list of clients.

Great stuff Bengt! Did you work with Afshin at all on the torch? He was a freelancer at my last place and told me about how the guys helped create an algorithm for the holes

Hey Bengt

Your work looks great, and the website shows it off nicely. Your latest two personal projects are very impressive and work well for showing your skillset.

Shameless plug here, but if you’re still looking for employment my company Bould Design is looking for a new designer and I think your work seems right up our alley. I’m not responsible for hiring, but I’d suggest you check out our coroflot posting here job details -- error encountered We’ve worked with clients like Nest, GoPro, Roku, and Intuitive Surgical so there’s lots of opportunities to do exciting work.



Thanks. Didn’t have a chance. I was a part of the team that developed the concept for the competition and still there when BarberOsgerby won it. When the torch made it to the production phase and the nitty-gritty of the algorithm was figured out, I had already moved on to finish my masters in Sweden.


Glad you guys like it.
Well, having been at Ammunition for a while, I am quite familiar with Bould. Actually Eric Fields, who used to work for you guys was one of my colleagues and my desk neighbor for the longest time. I learned a ton from him.
You guys definitely do some great work and I feel faltered. However, my issue is that I didn’t win the H1B lottery this year, as I am European. If I would have made it, I would have stayed at Ammunition.

This is why I am looking at European opportunities right now.

Ah thats unfortunate. I feel for you. I have a lot of friends who had visa issues after they graduated, and had to go home even though they had jobs. Good luck with your search!