So how much does an average ID graduate make right out of college? I want to know about any and every possible career…
What’s the best thing to do after you have a degree in ID, do you continue to graduate school, or start work?

This link should give you an overview of the benjamin distribution

as for what’s best to do, read the boards some more as there are many posts that address this question, there is no one answer

depends on what you call an ID degree. those two aren’t your only options. here are some more:

1-work as intern
2-find a sector you are most familiar with and improve your skills in that sector and make a folio that will show it.
3-specialize in one product only and work your way into the market.
4-design your own products, patent them, and try manufacturing them.
5-start your own design company.
6-start your own company/companies (if you have a rich dad it might help at the start, otherwise try using your business skills)- make sure you have the expertise to deal with it because if you don’t you’ll hit the wall in the long run.