Bemidji state university - Exhibit design?

i’m very interested in pursuing a career in exhibit/trade-show/kiosk design. looks like it calls upon understanding of architecture, interior design, industrial design and marketing.

i learned Bemidji state is one of the few 4 yr degrees with a concentration in this field, but can anyone tell me if this school is even on the radar of exhibit design firms? Is the curriculum truly relevant to what’s expected in the industry today?

i’m a hands on guy - love building what I design. I’d hope to also be part of the team that fabricates the units too – welding, carpentry, paint/finish, etc. if there’s a program that can teach all that, it would be nice to know about.

please share any advice you can.

does anyone have any idea?

if not how about other schools that offer something similar?


BSU is doing some interesting things with their creative education programs. Yes, they are one of the few schools in the US with a concentration in exhibit design, and yes it is certainly on the radar of exhibit design firms which means there are good opportunities for students to find mentors and internships. The exhibit design focus is relevant to the industry, and while they do provide core skill courses in modeling, 3D rendering, and design process, what I think is also valuable is that students enter the workplace with industry knowledge. There are lots of exhibit sizes, regulations, manufacturing methods, etc., that designers from other disciplines will have to learn on the job. So someone with a graphic design or industrial design can and do get into this profession because of their core design skills, but they will face an industry knowledge learning curve. So, that’s the appeal for employers, students graduate with a better understanding of the industry.

As far as the hands on part, BSU does have some model making, art, and ID related courses, and while understanding manufacturing and craftsmanship is important knowledge for exhibit designers, as a career you’re not likely to be using these skills regularly in the industry, but part of that depends on the type of company or agency that you work at.