bejing oylmpics closing event.

whats your thoughts, to me it was way way way over the top, sort of “lets keep piling it on”. In a odd way its like someone whom is trying real hard to impress, to be cool. The little thing london did by contrast was cool, not surprising as london has been kool for ages. It could just be a cultural thing, but I havent caused much of a wave this summer so I figured to wave the flag of discontent and get the ball rolling…Yes kiddies the closing sucked IMO.

I thought some parts were pretty sweet. I desperately want one of those giant uni-bike contraptions, and I was jealous of the guys playing the 30-ft. diameter drums floating around… the pop artist/guitar riff thing didn’t impress me…

I actually liked China’s stuff better than the UK’s weird broadway-type thing… The bus was fun though. I didn’t watch the entire presentation…

I pretty much wrote the whole thing off, anyone who still says that this olympics was about the athletes is lying to them self.

Good job china, you cleaned up your image for two weeks, now back to the human rights violations and environmental degradation, oh wait, it didn’t really stop it just moved outside of the Beijing area. The whole totalitarian regime thing is so early 20th century, its kinda played out these days.

Got to say I loved both the opening and closing ceremony, cant beat thousands of people being well choreographed, as well as the acrobatics.

What does annoy is the bloody constant singing its ok for about 5minutes then that does get tiresome, more so the pop stuff rather than the traditional singing.

People saying that it was like China had to prove something, well they did. With all the politics behind Tibet, the police state issues etc. Beijing 2008 to the outsider had to look fantastic, which it did. They were clever in the sense that the games were put on for TV, we saw scenes from the BBC showing how really in Beijing there wasn’t much of an atmosphere outside the stadiums, and large areas were cordoned of so not everyone could just walk up to the impressive stadiums, something London wont be.

I don’t understand what you mean by this Olympics not being about the sport. For 2 weeks all I saw was great sport. Great in the sense of achievements Bolt, Addlington, Hoy, Phelps… Magnificent. Great in the sense of corruption in certain sports being brought to light with Swedish Greco roman wrestler giving up his medal and the overturn of the GBR vs. CHI Tai kwon do fight. Seeing the Georgian and Russian shooters go over and make a point that politics to them, made no difference. I can understand the lead up the Olympics being about politics but the actual event itself… all i saw was athletes giving it their all.

I would like to know from the US whether or not it is true that the CNN changed this year the way the medal table was arranged so that the USA was at the top rather than China? Heard a rumour that they based it on medals won rather than golds won which is how the IOC base it and how it was based by CNN the year before.

London’s thing… well im British and seeing sodding kids in hoodies breakdancing… well sorry but that’s just crap. How is that depicting London specifically… or should I say depict London in a good way don’t get me wrong I like break dancing but its not British. Leona Lewis… hmmm wasn’t convinced although she is a great singer. Jimmy Page was great just cause he’s a legend. Big red bus kind of obvious but did like the green message it was giving across. David Bekcham ok now yes he’s huge in the Asian part of the world and he’s a well-known British export so good reasoning behind him being there for those reasons, but for sport? What has he won . . … nothing with England.

Don’t know if your saw our “little party” we had of around 40,000 outside Buckingham palace for the hand over ceremony but it was definitely much better. Great scenes of Queen the musical, old school mods and rockers, anarchy, god the save the queen, that is what it should and hopefully be like in 2012, one big party.

I would like to know from the US whether or not it is true that the CNN changed this year the way the medal table was arranged so that the USA was at the top rather than China? Heard a rumour that they based it on medals won rather than golds won which is how the IOC base it and how it was based by CNN the year before.

In the US we have always counted total medals, so, yes, the medal tables showed us on the top. However, they also post the breakdown of gold, silver, & bronze, which clearly show the Chinese as having more gold triumphs. The reason we do this is because in the US, participation is the goal. Everyone who makes it to Olympic competition is considered a champion upholding the great ideals of the games, and this is the best way to recognize this. By this tally it would be Chinese 638 & US 595 total athletes at the games.

ahh okedokey, thats what i wanted to know from someone who actually lives in the US. Had a feeling a fealing the rumours were a load of rubbish.

Yes and one more thing. We hate to f****ng lose! Our rallying cry for 2012 is “gold, Gold, GOLD!”

I really enjoyed seeing the chinese athletes in events I’d never seen them in before. I know that obviously the government had a hand in it and it was because they were the host country, but I enjoyed seeing more of the people and their spirit and personality. So, their government needs a lot of work, but it was fun to get more exposure to their modern culture.

ya get pulled from your family at 6/7/8/9 and go live in a creche dedicated to sport…land of the well rounder fer sure.

Yeah, I know. Did you watch the chinese men’s synchronized divers? They were gymnasts until they were told they would be divers… I’m probably more strongly against communism/socialism than 90% of the people on these boards. I’m just saying that hopefully in the near future China will realize that oppressive controlling government isn’t the way to go so we can see more of the Chinese spirit we saw here (ironic that an increasing number of Americans seem to forget what got us here and are starting to think socialism is the answer).

ya hard work and risk dont go with the entitlement/slacker mentality…we raised them, nobody to blame but ourselfs.