Being philosphical or just whining?

Note: If I go off on tangents of thoughts, please excuse me.

This is a really nice font. Anyway that’s not why I’m posting. I’m posting because I’m asking questions to myself on why am I here at a school I intensely dislike socially but do not feel like I’m doing anything really worthwhile academically. I go to a college, it’s known for Information Technology and Photojournalism, not my major which is New Media Publishing. I’m a transfer student from a different university, so i’m a 4th year in college , but a 3rd year here trying to finish up 1st and 2nd year classes, to put it basically. Anyway, I’m asking myself this very question over and over again. Am I really getting a learning experience in what I paid for my education? I honestly don’t know. Lately, it seems I’m not. I’m struggling to find answers to questions I have:

Am I good enough for the real working world?
Am I doing what I think I need to suceed?

I can tell you what I do know: I know I want to be better, I know I have to be sucessful to feel that I have some purpose in life, I know I want to be the best. Lately, what I have been doing to suceed is teaching myself to be better at Adobe Photoshop CS, Illustrator CS, In Design CS, Flash, Director because students in my major are only given the fundamentals of these programs which seems to me, makes our works amateurish. I have been reading several online magazines to incorporate better design skills, typography, etc. The one thing I know now is that everyone has different styles, but the question that comes from this is what seperates them from the best? In a school like this, students in my major are only allowed to take classes that has some printing aspect involved and we are not allowed to take design classes. Lately, I’ve been feeling that my work is amateurish and that the reason being is that I’m not allowed to express myself creatively, but have to do some specific project and the audience is usually the professors of the classes I’ve taken who are conservative. I’ve done perhaps one thing to express my creativity and was told not to do it. I’m still in the process of finding my style. I could be in the wrong school, but in the right major. Teachers here are not very helpful and some are teaching classes, but have never been in the workfield. All I want is to get the fullest extent of my education. Anyway, questions for you guys:

What are some ways to improve your works?
What are some advice you can give me after reading this post?
How does one know that the quality of their works is superb? (I’m thinking the audience for this one)
What seperates good from best in terms of designers that have experience in print, web, design, etc?

hey eclectic…

you need to frickin’ chill. relax your mind, little one. all of your worries and insecurities have nothing to do with your education. think it through one step at a time. you’re in school to learn. find a way to extract the most learning form the place, work your ass off and push yourself. that’s it. it doesn’t matter who your teachers are, or what people think of RIT or any of that crap. learn as best you can and then graduate and try to get hired. you’re tying your mind in knots. take a deep breath and learn, child.

I can relate to what your going through eclectic though not on the same level. I was an architecture major but decided to switch to ID I am know in my 5th year in school but only a soph, junior in the major. Though in critique I positive feedback, it is a difficult read: are they being nice? scared to give negative feedback? Is my work really that good?

Unfortunately, I can never get a good answer to this because it seems teachers(at least in the classes I have had) are too nice or unwilling to take clear stance, and my classmates seem to be uninterested in giving & recieving feedback from people in class.

Which leads me to ask myself how will I ever know how good I am or what I need to improve on if I cannot get honest feedback?

The thing I have tried to do is just to keep trying to do all I can do to improve and showing my work to anyone willing to look at it. It is hard not to worry about eventually going out into the workforce because even though I love ID, I want to also want some sort of security that I will be able to work in this field.