Beijing Olympics shoe design innovation

Despite extentsive enquiry there appears to be no new shoe design innovations for the Beijing Olympics.

What am I missing


I don’t know ow innovative each is, but Nike and Adidas are both introducing over a dozen new shoes, each designed for specific events/sports. Most will never make it to store shelves, but they are going to be at the games. As far as innovation goes, the biggest I see is Nike using the Olympics as its first real display of its “Flywire” technology.

were you expecting these:





The Nike BMX shoes look sweet :slight_smile:

One in particular that I’d love to have is Nike’s riding boot, although this one is most likely to never reach the “public”… As much as I love riding, I absolutely hate how traditionalist it is.

Here’s an article from Business Week about this particular item:

the taekwondo shoes, the weightlifting shoes, the new running shoes, all the fly wire stuff… i was blown away by what nike pulled out this olympics.

I assume you have seen this?