Beijing Bauhaus Industrial Design Consulting Company

We are the Beijing Bauhaus Industrial Design Consulting Company, and the company’s website is Our company has found in 2000,as the only industry design consulting company in Beijing which based on profound cultural and political background and local talent advantages of Beijing. Furthermore, we have a professional web-media: China Industrial design consulting web. ( Company has well known about domestic enterprises, and we also have much product design management experience and abundant design resource. We hope to develop the local design market with international design enterprises, exporting design works by Chinese manpower advantages, and lowing the foreign companies’ design cost. We can also help foreign companies as their agent to carry out expansion and business contact.

Our targets are large-scale integrated design & consulting companies, we’ll choose one from them as our global partner. If you have interest in our visitation, please contact us.
Contact us: Mr. Zhang MingYu Tel.: 010-65030702 msn:

So if I understand your posting correctly, your company wants to use low cost chinese design? for products destined for western markets?

Anyone here understand this posting?

Ok, now I reread the posting I think I understand. Your company wants to “partner” with a western design consultancy to design products to be made in China, taking advantage of the lower manpower costs - correct?

sorry for the misunderstanding

my experience has been more one way. Asian design firm wanted me to partner up. but really wanted a U.S. rep to make sales calls to U.S. clients. there wasnt to be much/any ID work. not for U.S. clients (all done low cost in China). especially not for Chinese clients (didnt make sense anyway).

maybe theres reason now for Chinese firm to want U.S. designer for Chinese product ID. but sounds a stretch. i suspect this post is geared more to corporate ID managers.

thanks ykh.

I have been doing quite a bit of research into US design, Chinese manufacturer relationships. Specifically as it relates to the US furniture market. Many of our North American furniture manufacturing clients are having a hard time (understatement) competing with the Chinese manufactured products. We work with some of the biggest manufacturers and are seeing a massive reduction in new projects coming our way even as they lay of “in-house” designers. The North American companies just seem to be rehashing old designs, laying off employees, basically cutting cost where ever hey can. Most of them are not thinking strategically and seem to be “waiting out the storm” however i do not think this storm is going to dissipate! Due to all this, my company is now looking at working with the Chinese manufacturers - hey, if you cant beat them join them!

you should point them to that Frontline vid. Rubbermaid is resin example. seems theyre working hard to be wood example. imo the first ones to go highend will survive. low-cost will probably destroy the rest.

I agree, Let the chinese compete on price. North American companies should work to their advantages which are speed to market, quality (although china is making inroads on this) and Knowledge. It may be less expensive to manufacture in Asia but it takes at least six weeks to get the product to us market. Also with rising oil costs shipping is getting expensive. I strongly believe that shipping is the Achilles heel of asian manufacturing. The other major advantage US manufacturers have is their knowledge of the US consumer. Have a look at chinese furniture products, you will notice some major differences in things like fome density, seat hight, wood species, color… the list goes on.

US manufacturers could win this battle but like I said they just do not seem to be adapting to the new realities. Unfortunately design companies design products for those who pay and if we dont get work from US manufacturers we are forced to go to their competitors. If this continues to happen US manufacturers will lose one of there real advantages. North American designers understand North American consumers and will bring this knowledge to Asian products destine for the US

I think some of you here are in serious denial. Cultural background or identity of mass-produced consumer goods is largely irrelevant, and to believe one culture cannot design for another borders on bigotry. Education in China is free, very rigorous and pretty much mandatory, as is work discipline.

Look at Sony, essentially Japanese design for tiny fingers, still suffering from “featuritis” and successfully “imposed” on our superior Western culture since shortly after WWII.

So much for product design produced and necessarily sold in the same “culture”, when consumer culture today is so universal.

What the hell you talking about?

Well think about it this way. Do we worry about the European market in America? Can European design be sold in America as is? Europeans tend to design for Europeans. Culture can be over-rated, but China will soon be rich enough that they will start to design for the internal Chinese market.