Behance Prosite discontinued... moving to Adobe Portfolio

Well that sucks. Spent a lot of time setting up my professional website on Bechance Prosite, only to hear it’s dead as of June 16.

Anyone tried Adobe Portfolio?


Behance ProSite is being discontinued as of June 2016

As an alternative to ProSite, we’d love you to check out Adobe Portfolio.

Portfolio allows you to quickly and easily build a fully responsive website to showcase your creative work. Portfolio also syncs seamlessly with Behance, so you can continue to get the most out of your projects.

You’ll be able to edit and access your current ProSite until June 2016, but we highly advise you to begin creating your site with Adobe Portfolio by visiting > > today. If you’re already paying for Prosite though Adobe with a Standalone, Single App, or Full Creative Cloud membership, your Adobe Portfolio membership is already included. If you’re not currently subscribed with Adobe, you can purchase a new Adobe Creative Cloud Plan (starting at $9.99) when you publish your Adobe Portfolio.

For any questions or concerns, please visit our FAQ or reach out to us at

It’s been a great ride and we’re extremely thankful to have had you as a member–we truly apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Behance Team

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I played around with the public beta a couple months ago. It’s ok, but I found some layout features to be limiting, and creating a page that was not just images next to impossible. I went with Squarespace. Portfolio may have improved since.

I really like their Muse website creation tool, and if you have Adobe CC, you get it free.

In all honesty, I just want something that is clean, easy to use and shows work decently.

Behance Prosite was great because I also didn’t need to deal with any of the hosting stuff and adding projects and reshuffling as easy as adding to Bechance and I could even update from mobile on the fly.

I haven’t looked into Portfolio much, but if easy and can pull from Bechance, that at least saves uploading all the content. I’d have to start from scratch in Squarespace not only building the template but uploading 30+ projects and 100s of images. Ugh. I may take another look at it though as I do recognize being in Adobe’s walled garden has its limits.

I certainly don’t want to put the effort into building something from scratch as that can take a lot of time, and the results often “homemade”. I’m not familiar with Muse, but believe that going from scratch unless you are a web designer is a bad idea.

Keno, as for my PDF/website, I tend to use my website almost as an archive of work. If the site could look more like the PDF, that would be great, though it was designed for print, so I’d imagine it wouldn’t really translate well. I view the benefit of the site as presenting a lot of variety of depth of work to speak for my experience, and what I’ve done/can do and if they really want details on the process and how I work, they download and read the PDF. Maybe not ideal, but working within the limits of the Prosite/template format and my coding abilities.

I’m open to other options though if anyone has suggestions. Or if someone is looking for a job to do and has the time/skills, PM me. Seriously.


their Muse website creation tool is very useful. I really like it.

Hey R,

I would just stick with Adobe Portfolio. Played with Portfolio a bit this weekend and I don’t think it would take too long to reupload content. UI and experience is very intuitive and easy to use. Pricing is the same, still syncs with Behance.

Starting from scratch would be a time waste unless you’re interested web, and getting someone else to build it will be a temporary solution since you’ll probably need to go back to them in the future when you need edits.

If you felt ProSite was easy Portfolio should feel about the same.

  • Matt