beginning of my Ids career

My name is Rus I just started 2 semesters ago at AAU, Shoes and art has been a big part of my life and I plan on eventually designing shoes. Just looking for feed back and help, thanks.



11/4 some of this weeks homework toy cars, boats, and mice. any help or critique would be greatly appreciated. I need to get better at my sketching

this weeks sketches

Nice stuff Moch20. Good to see you’re drawing shoes in perspective as well, it’s easy to fall into the trap of only drawing sideviews.

As far as presentation goes, I’d definitely hop on a scanner at school, or buy a cheap one and scan your stuff in. I have found that people tend to respond more to well documented sketches vs. the camera phone type posts.

Keep up the hard work, looking forward to seeing more

@choto thank you thank you for the feed back I really appreciate it. I will scan my work in from here on out and you will definitely see more of my work. Thanks again!

a few sketches from this week simple shape BBQ grills to Evolutionary, what do you guys think

A few watches

Looks good, but it might be nice to put multiple designs on one piece of paper (and don’t be afraid to let things overlap or interfere).

A couple of things I would like to mention:

  • You can add contour lines to make it more easy to read the shape. You did this partly with your last watch design, but you can also do this for your BBQ designs.
  • You play around with different line weights what is good, but use more than two thicknesses. For example your first BBQ has almost only thick lines, so there is no difference anymore.
  • In some sketches it looks like your markers are almost empty, if this is the case refill them asap :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work.



I would try to make them a bit more loose, extend the lines beyond the sketch itself, try to play with the focus of the viewer and more line work. There’s a clear improvement in your sketches, keep it up! Happy sketching!

I apologize for not posting my sketches but heres a few from last semester.

A few Footwear sketches

Any critique or comments would really help me out, Thanks!

Great work Moch20! I can definitely see a big jump in your work. You seem more confident and seems like you’re having more fun vs your earlier sketches which felt more forced.

The shoe sketches are looking really nice, the proportions are pretty on point, and I like the fact that you are sketching not just 2D side views but some nice challenging 3/4 perspectives as well. It’s also good that you’re starting to think about the material break-ups and construction.

Continue to explore construction techniques and try to imagine how the shoe would come together as you’re designing it. Even if you’re just making educated guesses, it’s important stuff to start to think about even early on.

I know this might sound nit-picky but always think about presentation, even though this is an informal setting take the time to color correct all your sketches. In you couple last posts you start off so nice with pure white backgrounds and then you hit us with a couple pages that look like snaps with yellow backgrounds and poor lighting. It’s small stuff like this that can separate you from the herd. It only takes a couple seconds in PS to color correct and it’s definitely worth it. Let me know if you need a quick tutorial on how to do it, it’s literally about 5 clicks to get it done.

Keep up the great work and keep posting up here for feedback

color correct.JPG