Beginning an Application Portfolio


As of right now I have been taking art and industrial design courses for the past year at a 2-yr college with the goal of putting together a portfolio to apply to a program. I would like to attend a Portfolio Day at some point but just wanted to get some feedback on the stuff I’ve done so far.
I’ve taken the equivalent of Drawing 1, Drawing for Designers, 2D Design, Industrial Design Concepts 1 and Design Rendering. I’ve uploaded some work onto Behance so people can see my stuff. It is by no means a finished portfolio. Behance. I need to know what it good, what is bad, what is lacking and what other types of courses I should take and skills I should develop that would help me get on par with prospective design students.


I`d add more unity in the pictures, and actually more material> Computer Mouse Redesign, do you also have material of the finished product? Rendering Portfolio: you should scan the renders, maybe add a bit of process.


I think for your sketches, it might help if you are a little more loose with them. Draw construction lines and let those extent past their enpoints. take a look at

but definitely a great start!!