Beginner tutorials for Alias (Rhino) users

A collection of recent industrial design Alias beginner tutorials

Rhino users can follow the same modelling strategy quite easily. Products/forms with typical tricky situations (branches, merging fillets, G2 continuity, patch layout). More will be added now and then. Suggestions for products/forms to be demonstrated are always welcome.

Thanks for posting. I will have a look over these. I picked up Rhino very quickly after years of avoiding it like the plague because of the layout (vs SolidWorks) and have avoided Alias for the same reason. I think I might be able to pick it up easily now that I know Rhino.

Skimmed a few of those…watching the guy manually clicking pick nothing every time compared to using a marking menu made my arm seize up.

The purpose of a beginner tutorial is not to show off how fast and clever you are, but go carefully through the motions for the benefit of the novice. Snazzy trickery and copious shortcutting comes later. Any proper design pedagogue knows - when the teacher tries to be the smartest guy in the room, he is the greatest dork of all.

Have you got any recommendations for Rhino tuts? I’m in a similar boat!

Your first port of call should be the official manual which you can download from the Rhino website. Follow through that and it will give you a basic understanding. Two sets of videos I would recommend are;

When you get more comfortable with it there are tons of more specific videos on YouTube, including these by Simply Rhino in particular;

Cheers! Looks great!

Thanks for the links! I’ve been avoiding learning rhino for a while now, also coming from SW.

While important to “show” the many ways to get to the same end goal (i.e. menu, icon, hotkeys, or aliases) it doesn’t make sense to say keep going to the menu drop down, then 2 or 3 steps in just to get to the same thing that has one hotkey. It’s about muscle memory along with understanding the software.

Being the teacher that makes them walk uphill both ways just because that’s what you didn’t when they could just fly over it doesn’t make you a great teacher it just makes you the one they dislike because of the unnecessary pain inflicted.

Several more beginner tutorials were added this June, including the “iMac Pro rear panel shape” approach some have asked for.

Hi Rhino 3D Learners,

You can check out my Youtube channel for Rhino related Tutorials: