Before I get a job test question

i got a shot at this job…thing is before i can get near to getting that job, this company wants me to design 3-4 mock poster concepts. i asked if i could do more than 3-4 and they said thats ok.

i have a week until this mocks are due…i know i can churn out more than 3-4 solid, good ideas. im thinking if i do the minimum i dont look hungry enough but if i did too many that ill looked like a show off. so how many do you guys think i should actually turn in. im think 25, is that too much?

help me out will ya!?[url]

You are asking for a full time job right? I think you should give your best shot, although it sounds weird cus they can just send you away while run with your 3 concepts.

although it sounds weird cus they can just send you away while run with your 3 concepts.

that’s what i thought at first but then rethought it cause this is a big company. but thanks for the imput ima give it my best. and yes it is a full time position.

just wanted to let you know that i’ve had tests, too. i actually was scared off by the first company that did this because i didn’t want to put out all the effort for them to get free ideas. naive. they just want to see how you work within the context of their goals/clientel or even compare your work to their other designers.

if you want the job, do the comps. if you really think that you have time to come up with more than 3-4, go for it, but i wouldn’t go over the top. you want to show that you have the ability to edit yourself. maybe 6 should be the limit???

good luck

I am in a position to hire designers and frequently have applicants go through a performance test to ensure that the work in the port is theirs and that they aren’t blowing smoke about their skill set. However I always have the applicants design something outside of our business sector, first so they don’t feel exploited and also so they don’t produce any ideas until we have them under an NDA. To your point I’d do the posters, but only do 1-2 and show lots of revisions. I’m always interested in seeing a couple fully realized concepts over 2 dozen sketch comps. If you do good work on the two no one will care about the perceived “lack of hunger”.

Good luck

hey. i think 25 is a little much. Maybe explore 25 different concepts, but i agree with the other person run w/ 3. kinda like your portofio, only show your strong concepts, bc the ones they’ll remember are the worst if you get what i’m saying. all you can do is your best. ya know? i am actually going through a test also for a full-time position. the first test was to do concepts for a new identity system, now the test now is to work contract for 3 weeks and then they will decide if they wanna keep me. its going good so far, but lots of pressure. good luck with the job though.

Awesome insight gys! thanks to everyone who informed me with great knowledge and wisdom! wish me luck!

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