Before being baginer! need guidance

Hello everyone
My name is Hrayr, Im a lady’s shoe designer for 8 years now; I have learned it professionally in Italy in 2002, when I had 2 years pre experience in the business of shoe manufacturing. I want to get into the industrial designing field, as a side and part time learning new major, to a future new career when I finish the learning.
I want to let you know that I have been designing cars, furniture, etc. for several years now and I sketch well, my drawing is good, but not perfect!
I don’t have much experience in the computer designing programs.
I want to be asking, what are the minimum requirements to start, as in (drawing skills, some programs that I have to be able to use, any courses that I should apply first, and the tools used in industrial designing…) to be able to start looking for the right school.
My second concern is that, I can’t leave my family job, so I have to do it part time and online! I can do from 12 to 16 hours a week. Is there a way?
I really need your guidance and advice on this, because I want to start it in a right way.

I would like to thank you in advance for your time



I think, any online education in the design field is a bad idea, since it is so very hands on. You also miss the discussions with peers and faculty. So I would strongly advise against any online course that costs any money.
Online courses for computer programs might be an exception even though I think that anything can be picked up with an investment of dedication and lots of time. There are so many tutorials and forums around.

so you can’t leave the family business?
I am wondering what is going to happen when you finish your online course. Are you willing to re-locate for your job then?
I am asking because, even if you acquire the skills needed, you would probably have to re-locate for your job. I am just assuming, since I don’t know the design scene in Beirut.

what I would advice is to look around boards like these (like you are already doing), post your work, get feedback and learn.
Do an internship if you can. It will teach you so much more than you would ever learn with an online course.