I’ve been doing some beer packaging for fun lately… Figured I might as well start a thread for them to put them all in one place…


I love the top one, i would expect it to be a dark more stout like ale.

are you looking at the type of beer first then designing the can to communicate it? as you do these it would be fun to “guess” what we think would be inside.

  • communicate a more hoppy beer (so i dont buy it cause the label looks interesting and then have to spit it out) :imp:

I’m not worrying too much about the type of beer per se. The top one was a spec concept based on an existing brewery/beer. Dark color just felt like it worked for the “Muddy” part and hipster graphics :wink:

These days beer types and graphics are so diverse I think it would be kinda hard to communicate the type of beer exclusively by graphic. What does a dry hopped sour pineapple IPA look like?

Really, the exercise is just a fun one to combine some graphics, hand lettering (sometimes), type, logo design, illustration and branding all in one neat package…


Answer is this-

I am lucky to have had the opportunity to work with a handful of local breweries over my career.
I must say, they’re probably some of the most fun projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on.

Nice! Saw your work in the other thread. Some really great stuff! Feel free to add more of the beer stuff here.


I have worked with this brewery to create custom 3D printed tap handles:
They have nice branding, unfortunately the project was never completed - these are nice projects.