Beer in a Box

Just read this article and d_amn I wish I had this in college_. Miller is looking to do the same model as wine in a box to now putting beer in it. It is meant to fit in the fridge, cost only $20 and is equal to 16 beers. Too bad I don’t drink Miller Lite anymore.

Here’s the link. LinkedIn News | LinkedIn

Yup, alot of beer companies are working towards that trend. The little pony kegs have been around for years, it’s just being repackaged now to look a little more consumer friendly and in plastic. I worked on that particular Miller project months ago. It was a fun assignment. :smiley:

I used to buy Growlers from Surly Beer here in Minneapolis, but they’ve since banned them because they sold too many for their liquor license. :frowning: It would be nice if they came out with something like this… I love beer packaged in large quantities.

Unless I’m misunderstanding something, we’ve had these 5l cans with a tap for ages and it tastes like crap after you’ve poured two beers. A giant plastic bottle seems even worse. I much rather have 10 50ml cans in my fridge and keep the sound of cracking open a cold one.

edit: 50cl :blush:

These new designs have CO2 cartridges incorporated into the design. From what I understand, this prevents the beer from going flat. The Heinken Beertender kegs are like the old ones you mentioned and taste is not affected in those. Maybe they came up with a new process?

I’m currently working on another one of these designs for another beer company. Maybe you’ll see it out on the shelves in the coming months. :smiley:

Hmmm… . kinda cool. And kinda not cool at the same time.

The box seems redundant; more for graphic display, and shipping it looks like. A waste of material? I realize that the bottle must be cylindrical to withstand the internal pressure, but the large voids between the bottle and the box look like something got lost in shipping. Perhaps an insulating, molded Styrofoam*, 2-piece shell (with graphics printed on a shrink wrap (to hold the halves together)) might have accomplished the same thing, and made it more “picnic” friendly. A “Cold beer on tap, any time, anywhere” … kind of thing?

What are the dimensions of the box? My fridge space is at a premium as it is.

Your point about not hearing that “ch-oooof” when you crack one open might have some significance. Like in the commercials, I want that babbling/gurgling sound that comes from a tap too… . . even though we can’t actually hear it in real life :wink:

  • recyclable, but other degradable material might be considered more desirable.

The purpose of the external carton is to move the bottle through the fulfilment process within the filling plant and distrubution centers. Initial cost to convert the lines over to just manage the bottle through the system is too high and impractical at the moment. Logistically, the cost to purchase, transport and inventory styrofoam pieces is way to high and I don’t think they even have the space at the plant to store all that styrofom. The space it takes to store one styrofoam piece, I can fit about 100+ flat fold cartons.

This is all too true. We ran into this issue with our My M&M’s or personalized M&M’s business. Not only do Styros take up a lot of room they are also a MAJOR fire hazard.