Been told I'm a more technical thinker...what next?

Hi All,

I’m an ID student in the UK and in my 2nd year of study. My background of study is a BA in Industrial & Transportation.
I have just had my interim session with one of my lecturers and he said I would be more suited for a technical role i.e. more in house than say a consultancy related career. Does this mean that I would not be suitable at all for a consultancy based job??

I guess it would be hard to answer this question without looking at some work but any feedback would be much appreciated.


Post your portfolio and we could much better judge


I agree. Post some work and we can give you feedback. I do have to say that telling a student 1) that they cannot do something and 2) what their career path IS in their second term is a bit of an a$$hole move. You have plenty of time in school and a whole career ahead of you to mold your career. It is up to YOU to determine what kind of designer you are or going to be.

Depends on the consultancy, depends on the nature of the in house team, depends on what you work looks like, depends on whether you deepen your skills based on your current predisposition, or if you decide to really work on your weak points.

There are simple too many variables to make a recommendation, and I think the advice you already received might have been misguidance enough!

Thanks all for the feedback…it’s good to get some outside opinions. I will try and post some work here in the next couple of days or so.

I have finaly come round to putting some work up…sorry for the delay.

Basically it’s a twin hull power boat concept which took me about 2 days to complete, solid works model included.

Again any feedback would be much appreciated.