been thinking about building this for real

seems like a fun summer project

Do it!
… and make a worklog in the projects section so I’ll have some summer reading. I’ve seen a lot of impressive full scale models, but not very many impressive working replicas. Most just end up looking like a bunch of red fiberglass dumped on a scooter frame.

I can’t read Japanese but I think this is supposed to be a fully functional replica:

looks for real, sure needs some pinstiping, or road rash or somthing to break up all that red…I kinda like the multi tone gray, differt panels differnt tones of gray. I was thinknig I have a oldish vt 1100 honda with shaft drive, might make it roll pretty nice. I was also thinking all them pannels would be great cubbies for putting stuffin if they were hindged.

Agree, but wouldn’t that be the same as a bunch of useless tailfins and chrome?

Nope, the covering pannels would make ideal locking storage compartments for brief cases, rain gear, overhad covering, lunch, groceries where the tailfins are just useless unless your going over 200 mph. The locking compartments should be somehow idenified, and differnt tones would be a logical way to do it.

you put luggage in pinstripes and road rash?

sure, dont you?

Forget the pinstripes and road rash, just don’t forget the STICKERS! (see bottom right of image)…oh and a giant phaser gun couldn’t hurt.

I like the vintage usaf star and bar as well as the eyedot. In reality all that is a chopper with the guts hidden, and upon some research I think using a bmw k1000 as a base makes more sense.