Bed to chair mechanism

I’m an industrial designer working on a new bed concept for a client and I’m trying to figure out how the new Lufthansa business class seats work in the video below.

New Lufthansa Business Class (747-8 in this video) - YouTube. Watch the way the seat reclines from 0.06

Its not a traditional recliner chair or adjustable bed mechanism because as the head of the seat moves down in to the bed position, the head doesn’t actually move back (like a recliner) or forwards (like an adjustable bed). Just straight down. The seat base slides forward to compensate for this.

Anyone know how it works? The I only way I can see to make something similar would be using several separate mechanisms (linear actuators and sliding mechanisms).

I don’t think it’s as the backrest is as “complicated” as you think. The lower leg portion has some subtle mechanics going on as well.

Here’s a sh0rtened loop of that segment; it’s easier to see if you don’t have to watch the whole thing… IMO.

I can see to make something similar would be using several separate mechanisms (linear actuators and sliding mechanisms).

If this seat frame, manufactured by Ceratizit, “… for the Business Class seats of a leading aircraft manufacturer” is any indication, I think you are correct.

Cool stuff going on here, check out the axial recirculating ball bearings (upper left) adjacent to the bracket with the printing on it. Manufacturers note states many components are titanium.

Moving your question to “Transportation”, we’ll see how if flies there… … . .yeah, I know… . :wink:

It sounds pretty advanced. It’d be awesome if you post a picture of it when you’re done. I’m also wandering around considering an education within industrial design!

As it turned out what I wanted to achieve wasn’t actually that difficult. Once I figured out the principle it was actually pretty simple, I even made a working lego model.

Unfortunately I only have one photo of it. (see attached) v=zacyCORD_0I

I’ve also attached a side view of a CAD model I made of the mechanism, unfortunately I cant really show any more as its for a client.

Another company are already using the same method, YouTube?

Gotta love Lego engineering models.

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