becoming more green?? how?


i write you from san diego, ca about a problem i have at my work place (im a designer at a print house/shop). we print a lot and the prints that we dont use goes in the trash. when i asked the management if we recycle paper, they told me that “we use to, but the companies never come to pick up the paper, so we end up putting it in the trash instead” what can i do in this situation to make my company to become more green?

thank you in adv.


The best way is to solve the problem yourself…

Do some yellowpages homework and see if there are local companies who would be willing to take the stuff off your hands.

Express Waste & Recycling
1250 6th Avenue, San Diego, CA
(800) 722-1033

Rubbish Hauling San Diego
San Diego Express Waste & Recycling

Too bad material recycling isn’t made as readily available to people in the US as in many other countries.

Back home, those who do recycling are usually the poorer ones. They go around the neighbourhood to collect waste materials that they can sell for recycling, including metal, paper and glass. So we usually just set the materials aside and they will come pick it up. Paper is usually the most recycled material.

to be more green = to be more simple

simplify the way you live
be considerate to people and nature
and we will have a greener life.

I did a project, one i just got a patent on and it used recycled newprint that was formed into plup as one of its key componets. I became very familar with the process (how can you design with out knowlage of that process) one of the eye openers was that paper is so well recycled that its cost per bail is approching the cost of collection and transportation, makind it a zero profit item. One thing to remember about recycling is transportation costs, and with in some countries the vast distances from end user to factory recycling is not as cost effective in cost or energy. Aluminum, steel, other metals, glass and some plastics make the cut other materials do not.

that sonds like a smart ass comment.

thanks for the great help