Beckham Predator

This is my submission for this months Kicksguide competition. I was excited about the opportunity to design a soccer boot, since unlike basketball, soccer is a sport that i have a lot of experience playing. Anyways here are the shoes, let me know what you think.

I also have a tape-up that i did to show the other angles. I will post the tape-up once i have some better pictures.

Those look sweet, Nick! The 3/4 rendering is dope. I wanted to do that with mine, but didn’t have time. The only thing I would question is your quarter graphic which looks kind of like a logo and may detract a bit from it reading as adidas. I like your vamp/lacing construction a lot. though I wonder if the bumps would interfere at all when kicking?..probably not that serious though, lol.

Great work!


thanks for the quick reply. I def agree about the logo on the side. My thinking on that was that there is such strong branding on the tongue with the oversized 3 stripes that to place a large logo on the side would be branding overkill. the graphic on the side took direct inspiration from the Galaxy jersey.

As for the bumps on the toe, they actually aid kicking. Ridges on the toe and striking areas have been what makes the Adidas Predator (the shoe beckham wears) different than other shoes. the ridges are what helps beckham put his famous bend on the ball.

to help explain the boot, here is the text i provided with my entry:

Along with a new team, comes Beckham’s new Predator soccer boot. Beckham’s new signature shoe was designed with the LA Galaxy colors and uniform detailing in mind. The new Lightweight predator is constructed with a moisture wicking micro-fiber (white) to help keep the player’s foot dry during intense games. TPU bumpers (yellow) help to protect the athlete’s foot, while also aiding ball control on the vital striking surfaces of the foot. The tongue of the shoe is constructed with kangaroo leather for durability and sports the Predator’s famous ridged surface. The ridged striking surface helps Beckham bend the ball on kicks making his shots harder to defend. Above David’s personal logo, on the tongue, is a grip that helps the athlete pull the shoe on. The tongue creates a large 3-stripe logo, which will be easily visible on television for the countless replays of Beckham highlights.


Hmm…I tried the predator on but it didn’t appear to have any raised surfaces. It had those TPU strips molded into the medial side, but they looked to be more for breathability and support and didn’t seem raised. Well, I know very little about it so I guess your right. Ya learn something new every day! Really like the thought behind your concept =)

If you look at the older Predators the raised surfaces are a lot more obvious, and also positioned more on the top of the foot. With the newer Predators it’s a lot more subtle. (image above is kind of small but you can make it out).

Liking your design crewkid. Especially the way you’ve used the lacing and tongue. I understand with what your doing with the graphic on the side but when I look at it I can’t help but think:

I imagine that’s just me though, not to big of a deal lol. But what you’ve got to remember is the Predator is worn by a whole bunch of players with adidas, not just Beckham, (he has his own edition, but the boot is pretty much the same.) And obviously these players wont be wearing the LA kit with the matching graphic. Though these are just minor details, it’s a strong entry. Good luck…

crewkid: Nice design, i was really surprised about how my design and yours share some common lines especially on the lateral side. :stuck_out_tongue: when i look at your design, it’s like we were thinking almost in the same way, mine was also inspired by the galaxy jersey.


i think as an alternative to have the pleated? embossed? surface have the coloring it would be less of a distraction, if they were just the same color as the upper. it could be a really nice subtle detail…

looks like there are going to be some great entries!

Man, Karabo, those are hot! This is going to be a tough month! Since we are sharing…

Hi Tony!! nice design!! :smiley: this comp month is going to be hot.
I like how you design the sole, the heel is really nice with the metallic vent mesh .
Are they vents?
you always bring some really nice details, The lace cover… i’m learning :wink: i’m really learning looking at your work :wink:

Why is it that that we all went with the curvy horizontal stripes?

Thanks Karabo!!!

Actually it’s a slip-on construction, not a lace cover. I wanted to reduce layers and bulk on the instep. The black stripes are a stretchy elastic underlay with the laser-cut upper stitched on top to keep the kicking surface even. The KG description will help. The vents are climacool…I wasn’t able to find an adidas soccer shoe with that tech, so I decided to use it. I think we all went with horizontal stripes because we are INCREDIBLY sick of the vertical ones! Ha ha. It’s gonna be a great comp!


wow guys im really liking what i am seeing. if this month is a success then maybe we can start to get more nonbasketball competitions for those of us that are not really into basketball. i got to say that if this is a taste of what we will see in the finals then we will need to borrow some of the finalist spots that the iphone shoe didnt use. haha

these entries you guys are posting are really inspiring me and giving me ideas to take my shoe even further. man i love shoes

Tony I really like your renderings. They’re nice and simple and communicate the design really well, but also have this cartoony feel to them which I really like.
Makes me feel like my photoshop renders are over rendered as I’m trying to make them look life like sort of…
The textures on your really brings the render alive, do you just do them in illustrator or do you scan them in? Would be interesting to hear how you got about it…

^Thanks a lot! Actually it’s just illustrator. I only had 3 days to do it from start to finish, so I didn’t have time to take it into PS. Ah well.

WOW, you guys are really taking the KG think up a notch. This is great to see! GREAT WORK guys. I wonder if it was helpful to move away from B-Ball to get everyone to push their skills objectively. It can be hard to break the mold with something you are too close to.

ok i made a few quick changes let me know what you guys think.

Much nicer use of the 3 stripes / jersey inspiration I think. The design has a lot of linear elements, and that large organic shape in the heel stands out to my eye. I think it would help if you gave it a little more direction, so that it appeared to lean forward or back, versus being a balanced full curve.

Also, your lining goes from a very hot highlight, to completely black, I think this would look better if it went to dark blue and if you show a little bit of the lining turning over on the lateral side, just a little highlight along the lateral collar in the lining should achieve that.

thanks yo, I will play around with your suggestions andd see what i can come up with.

yo the shape on the heel will make sense once i post my tape up, so you can get a view of the heel. ill take some pictures when i get home from work to night.