beckam kg contest

beckam predator

and a track spike that i whipped up in the process. kind of sloppy but its not important

I really like that sketch! Did you develop it, like color, shading, etc.?

Looks good! The lace cover and welded support system look pretty sweet too.


no i didnt develop it any more than that. i dont have any software to take it any further.

you don’t need software to take it further (though what about this jordan shoe - #2 by yo1 ? )

I think there is some nice stuff going on there, the proportions look pretty good, I wold just keep working them a bit more. What does the bottom of the football boot look like? Is the design symetrical? Work on getting those images nicer, not so greyed out… develop them in those ways.

for that shoe all i used was the paint program that comes with windows computers then a little photo editing program.

i havnt really had time to do anything else to the soccer cleat. now i will probably do a little more when i find the time.