beat the trash mountain by designing a product!

We Beat The Mountain reduces trash mountains all over the world by turning trash into useful products. We create, produce and sell products of 100% recycled materials for functional use in a global market.

Want to help beating the trash mountain by making a cool product design??

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Seriously, I like your pitch and concept but for 250$ I ain’t doing much :wink:

And why should I make a suitcase out of trash? If there’s tons of suitcase being disposed that aren’t even broken. Get those before they get trashed. Maybe repair them a little. Ad some skateboard wheels?

I would suggest you make the assignments/products a little more challenging and the ideas themselves a little more ‘valuable’.

Also I suggest a fieldtrip to Africa or Cuba. They reuse waste and trash over and over again. I think you’ll find the people you really need to design products from trash there.


Sorry, but this “design contest” (spec work) seems like trash. How are the designs made from trash? You posted a design, that doesn’t look like it’s made from trash at all, and you want a designer to fully spec it out for $250? Even if it wasn’t spec work (it is), which is bad enough, you want to pay a design $250? And yet somehow you have enough money to tool up, and go into production.

This is beyond fishy, unethical or bad. It doesn’t even make sense.


Why design a new suitcase, from recycled material, when you can go to a Thrift Store and buy a used one? We do it all the time when we travel home to visit the 'rents. There is always some unexpected article to bring back that wasn’t allowed for when packing, and I can buy an old suitcase from Goodwill for $5.

In lieu of a “real” suitcase, most of the world reuses a plastic bag, or 5 gallon plastic bucket…