Be very critical

Hi, am a 2nd year product design student london…am currently looking for a year placement…jus got my portfolio on line…please critique…


i think there needs to be more a creative flow, like show some sketches and try to convey how you work as a designer, when people are looking to employ you, sure theyre looking at the quality of your work, but also your processes.

I know that when people have been for interviews before, if theyve had any critiquw about their work, its been that the interviwer cant see the process theyve taken.

so basicallyas a start…get some sketchwork in the mix

the portfolio is great but you need to be more creative. it too plain for me well that is only me i think.

Definitely work on those rapid visualization skills.

Your boards are far too graphic heavy. There are some nice graphic elements in there but some of the background imagery takes away from the work that you are trying to get people to focus on.

Good luck on the placement though :smiley:

thanks all for ur inputs…will definitely put in some sketches showing the design process. Thanks again

Totally agree with lyndajones regarding the background imagery. It’s distracting and overpowers the actual work.

Ditto, there’s too much going on in the background, it detracts from your actual work. I think you could add some more sketchwork, rather than having it all on one image, also I’m not loving the drop shadow’s on the sketch sheets.

Good luck on finding a placement.

Cool Idea about the axillary fire truck. Develop that idea more… seriously. If you want a firefighters take, drop me a line.

Your seating is very design school esque . The car you did is not spectacular either, also on a personal note (huge auto enthusiast) the seat and steering wheel need to be flipped around. The first page of the sandals is rubbish, sorry. Rework the information on it and omit anything not important. Maybe put the exploded view on an other page and have the explanation on that in the form of call-outs. You said to be nit picky so, on the fire page remove the wheel arches from the truck on the bottom, leave the circles for the wheels, this will look better. Even try taking off the overlap so it is a plain silhouette. You will best benefit from the addition of sketches and having sketches/ images illustrating the process and ideation of your designs.

more rapid vis, quick sketches and thought process.