BBC4 'Upgrade Me' UK only...

looks pretty interesting…

Poet and gadget lover Simon Armitage explores people’s obsession with upgrading to the latest technological gadgetry.

Upgrade culture drives millions to purchase the latest phones, flatscreen TVs, laptops and MP3 players. But is it design, functionality, fashion or friends that makes people covet the upgrade, and how far does the choice of gadgets define identity? Simon journeys across Britain and to South Korea in search of answers.

I watched this last night and it was a much more interesting look at design/consumerism than the Starck reality crap on BBC2.

I also thought that this documentary would provide a perfect bit of research for any thesis/paper on design for obsolescence.

Very thought provoking.

Started to watch, i found teh guy really annoying and the answer to his question was so simple i gave up

Same here. I sat through the whole thing, but it could be summed with 1 sentence: people desire and purchase new tech stuff. Yes, that was established about the same time we’ve figured out the earth ain’t flat.

It was fun to see some Samsung design meeting, but their PR people really need to get on top of things. That girl couldn’t give a single coherent answer. Probably language issues, but come one Samsung - when you have BBC making a show inside your office you better find someone who can speak English and is on top of things. Embarrassing.

I enjoyed how the host thought he was an early adopter of the iPod when in fact he had gen 3.

Hah 3rd gen, 1st gen is where the party’s at !