BBC Documentary Season on ID

Hi Guys,

Just giving you a heads up on a 5 part BBC documentary on the history of ID, called The Genius of Design. Very interesting so far. BBC2 at 7pm, sorry if its been posted already !



The iPlayer only works in the UK. Is there another way to see the episodes?

Can you tell us which BBC channel it is being shown so that we can look for alternate streaming methods?

It’s being shown on BBC2. You can access BBC iplayer via a proxy server if you are from outside the UK. However this will slow your connection speed considerably. This episode featured some great minds, Dieter rams, sam hecht, Nato Fukasawa to name a few.

Im crossing my fingers for it to show up on ninjavideo.

I’ll keep you posted.

I saw it and it was very interesting, this episode focused on the roots and beginnings of industrial design in the pre and post industrial revolution period.

There was also modern ID with the head of design from ford (forgot his name :S eek)

Dieter rams and Nato Fukasawa were fantastic, i love their interviews so much. Cannot wait for the next episode !

as said above a proxy could be used to view the program, or someone could copy it and upload it to vimeo or something.
I would but it would take me a while and I am very busy trying to get into design school atm haha.

Ill do it for 1 MILLION DOLLARS ! (thats not that much) 100 MILLION DOLLARS !

Careful with ninjavideo, they’re serving up a few nasty infected banner ads.
e: You should be running adblock/noscript at the least, antivirus often is ineffective because what the ads contain is often not detectable until a while after the AV companies catch a sample.

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next episode on tonight, how about we pick our favrouite product on it and report back afterwards ?

Ha sounds like an interesting idea so sure why not,
Anyone know what this upcoming episode focuses on btw?

And thanks for tipping me off about the series :astonished:

Think BBCA will have it? Might take forever we’re still on Skins season 3 :unamused: (I love skins).

Lots on design style of the early 1900s, quite interesting but you could say there was more architecture than product design in this episode. A little bit on angle-poised lamps and bauhaus furniture which was good too.

Yea there was quite a bit of architecture today.

I love those lamps, my dad has the normal sized one but i want the big one haha

Saw it too… many good interviews and definitely worth watching. There’s a J Mays part as well

Here’s a BBC reality show (comparable to the apprentice) with designers competing for a internship with Phillipe Starck:

It’s interesting but I have to say I disagree with a lot of Starck’s product views, he threw out some great IDers far too soon, he has a great philosophy though.

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Managed to find download link for those of us in countries not able to watch online:

What night of the week does it play on? So i can watch out for new episodes… :slight_smile:

thanks for the non-UK link :smiley:

I think Starck even basically admitted 3/4 through that he realized he might have been running the show wrong.
Nonetheless, I think it also goes to show that talent alone is not going to save you. If you can’t show up on time, can’t deliver on time, and can’t communicate well, you’re at risk.
It means that a person with only average ability may excel, but that is the real world, so they got some great life lessons from being on the show.

And let be real, showing up, hitting the deadline, and communicating are the easiest 3 things in the world… and they are free. I think it’s called being a professional. And if you can’t be professional, should you be treated, celebrated, or paid as such? I submit no.

just found torrents for ep 1-3 through




watched episode 1, pretty nicely done and looking forward to the rest

Unfortunately you need to log in for the downloads and they’re not accepting new sign ups :frowning:

I also tried the link to episode 1 posted earlier in this thread, but all I got was three files all containing part 1 of 3. Guess I will just have to wait and see if it will come to a telly near me someday soon (or eventually it probably will be available at vimeo or some other video site).

I just signed up for the above site today before posting the links, just tried again still allows you to sign up for new accounts. Torrents works for me (may have to wait a few minutes before it starts downloading w/in your torrent manager, just be patient). 1st post worked for me too, have to download all links then un-RAR them together.