I’m going. It would be cool to meet up.
Had some beers with Richard once before already when B&B was still in … Berlin…! :slight_smile:

I´ll be there, it would be super cool to meet some of ya’ll outside cyberspace.

I will be going to BBB in july09, I will be there in the evening on the 2nd and the whole day on the 3rd.
would like to meet up with some fellow core77footwearfreaks

Good idea… the “core77footwearfreaks” should gather and grab a stein of Franziskaner ‘Weissbier’ (the best beer in Germany).


Hopefully ill be there. Should be fun!

Oh, and the best weissbier ever made is Edelweiss :smiley:

I’m pondering going to this one It’ll probably be a mental daytrip though! I’m pleased the show has moved back to Berlin, I find the shops much more inspiring. Barcelona is lovely but there are only so many flip flops and sarongs I want to look at.

Maybe I will be in Berlin too…anyone else???

Pietro [mc]

Yeah man!

See you there…

FYI… Staying at the “Hollywood media hotel” in Berlin for BBB.


All booked up, I’m at the Arcotel John F. Hotel I’m just in for the 1st-3rd. Stopping in London first.

I´ll be there from 30th to 3rd.

would love to be there but will not be able to. does any one know of any trade shows in the north east, specifically NYC area? also, Paris?

I’m hitting Stockholm first and to a meeting in the south of France after BBB.

Anyone know and good inspiration ares in Stockholm?

This is kind of a longshot…
Does anyone happend to pass Nuremberg on their way to BBB?

So for the people who are going! whats the plan ?

Where to meet, what sort of time, what about 1pm @ Kaiser Sausage

would be nice to meet some corefootwearfreaks for a quick chin wag.

Reuben, i’ll be in a brown Fred Perry top, kangol sunnys, Navy Nike Elites

So did you guys meet up? I arrived 2 hours ago and ive just been browsin the eye candy. Although thinking about going back to the hostel and get a well needed shower…

Any tips of what to check out btw?

man, I couldn’t get off work, crazy busy right now.

enjoy the show!

I hope you have a decent AC at the office :slight_smile:

So far I’ve enjoyed the Nixon, gourmet and Deakins booths the most. But pretty bummed about getting rejected in quite a few.

Well the show was ok…Ive been there with Replay…

But I have to say that Barcelona was bigger and better show than Berlin…more pavillions and more levels…dont know why many brands wasn´t there.

And nothing to say what difficult issue was trying to pick up a taxi…oh my godness.

hey Yo…I was inside the second control at the Converse Stand but you werent there…I was looking forward to shake your hands and say “hi”.

But mission acomplished…I could enter to all the stands without acreditations and making a lot of pictures.

Money, probably. It’s an expensive show to exhibit at.

I was there, walked the show quickly, but was pretty swamped with pre-lines and line reviews, and other meetings, couldn’t break out to hang out.