Battlestar Galactica

Anyone else a Battlestar Galactica fan?

I got the Season 1 DVD for Christmas and I have since blasted my way through it and virtually all of Season 2. Hoping to get Season 3 done before Season 4 starts up again.

For me, this is the best Sci-Fi TV show ever made. Although I do have to admit that it is weird watching it sometimes. I live in Vancouver where it is filmed. And many of the scenes that were supposed to be on the planet Caprica are very recognizable if you live in Vancouver. Several times through the show I have thought to myself: Hey, I’ve been there!

Beets… Bears… Battlestar Galactica.

Haven’t seen any of Battlestar, but do remember the ride from Universal Studios circa 1985. It was just before the Jaws part. Good times. I’m a huge Lost fan.

I like it! Can’t wait till March for the new season!!


I like Lost. Although I have dwindled on my interest since season 1.

If you’re a Sci-Fi fan, and like stuff like Lost, I dare you to rent the miniseries and NOT get hooked.

Just finished watching Rome on DVD. Loved it.

Haven’t seen Battlestar… although I used to know Grace Park through friends - I hear she has done very well by that show.

I love the set design, robots, and ships in BG. I really need to catch-up on previous episodes.

My wife and I are big closet fans.
I think it’s really refreshing after years of Star Trek do-good morality.

Lots of “ohmygod!!” moments keep you on your toes.

This sums it up well. What I fell in love with is how “human” everyone is on this show. I was a fan of the Star Treks, but didn’t realize how much the uber-morality of them grates on me compared to the flawed characters of BSG.

I am about to sit down and watch the last episode of Season 2.5…I have no doubt it will a couple “ohmygod!!” moments.

My problem is going to be that I am going to run my way through season three and not be able to watch it weekly. Watching the series on DVD has ruined me. It is the best way to watch a TV show.

You should check it out…you have the Vancouver and Grace Park connection to add a little bit of a twist to things. Last night I was watching the second to last episode of Season 2.5 and they were running around through the endowment lands. I can’t say for sure, but I think they must have done some filming at ECIAD as well. In season 1 they were running around the Vancouver public library in one episode.

Its always weird seeing people you know on TV. I went to High School with Sean Hayes from Will and Grace. It was always weird…although he was born for the part. That was him in High School.

My wife’s friend ate people in the movie Alive. Definitely weird.


“Beats, Bears, Battlestar Galactica” is a random line drop from ‘The Office’ where Jim is imitating Dwight, very funny.

When I had TV- I watched many a Battlestar episode, nearly mind-blowing

I think I have seen about a total of about 8 minutes of The Office…so this was definitely lost on me.

Maybe I’ll throw it onto the ole Netflix queue. (strangest word ever)



Battlestar of the Apes?

Am I the only one disappointed with this ending?

if you expected unicorns, butterflys and flowers you dont know moor or have any real sense of the whole show…it was perfect, the music score beyond compare, acting…top of the heap. 10/10 imo

No, I didn’t expect butterflies and flowers. I agree that the show is a 10/10 as a series…but the last 30 seconds of the season finale felt like it was already done.

I can’t remember if it was and interview of Eick or Moore that I heard them talking about the ending of the Sopranos and how “perfect” it was. How it was never done before.

That interview set the tone in my head that they were looking for something bigger than a rehash of the Planet of the Apes.

It’s not the ending… This is only the MID-season finale. I think there are 9 more episodes to go!

What was ‘perfect’ about the Sopranos ending is that it wasn’t a all-too-cute-and-tidy Hollywood ending, where everyone ends up living happily ever after, dies or is put into prison.

The Sopranos ending gave you the feeling that the family will continue on it’s course, be we are no longer privy to the details. ‘Endings’ don’t miraculously tie things up nicely, they don’t make bad things go away, and they (rarely) are very happy.

When you compare the Sopranos to the contrived endings of some famous shows like ‘St. Elsewhere’ (where the viewer was cheated at the end by the fact that all of the seasons were ‘imagined’ and the hospital itself was the centerpiece of a child’s snow-globe) the far more uncommon anti-endings are utter perfection and leave me more fulfilled.

I’m hoping that the ending of Battlestar isn’t an obtuse head-scratcher (a-la Twin Peaks or any Lynch-ian product) but rather leaves something substantial to interpretation, discussion or rumination.

As a show, it’s a definite 10 for me as well. I’ve gotten a few folks hooked, but it takes a little coercion as they remember a Loren Greene version all to well…

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Ah… just spent the last 4 hours catching up on the final season, and it was definitely worth my time. Such a good show. I don’t know what I’m going to do now to get my Sci-fi fix?

BSG is great! Just started season 3. Fun and they to an overall good job!