Battery Contacts design

I’m no expert, but I’d say the compression springs may keep the battery connected better if the device is meant to be handheld (CD player, etc.) Just a thought…

A bunch of questions:

  • What size batteries?
  • What type of product? i.e. taking a beating?
  • When you say “flat” I am assuming you’re meaning the bent elbow style…correct?
  • What are your drop test requirements?

One of our recent clients has a rechargable AA held by two sheet bent elbow style clips. It has also has round clips that wrap around the batter to keep it in place (along the short axis). The bent elbows didn’t like drop-testing on the long axis.

The biggest element of support comes from your enclosure, not so much the springs.

There are reasons for each, ie what direction/how is your battery inserted and fastened? How many battery insertions is the product rated for? What type of battery (are you using off the shelf AA’s, building your own pack, etc?). Is battery chatter (losing power from contact loss on drop) an issue?

please ask some specific, non confidential, questions. I have designed alot of portable electronics, battery packs and custom electronic connectors; consumer, industrial, intrinsically safe, explosion proof, hazardous locations, etc.


“wiping” insertable connectors are preferred; excellent supplier for examples is Multi-contact banana and barrel spring type connectors and jacks.

bent or formed spring, the “elbow” type mentioned, will be rejected by approval agencies in every case except for household low voltage consumer electronics.