Batmobile sketch

Just a little practice Batmobile rendering… I’ve been doodling these Marcello Gandini inspired Batmobiles in my sketchbook lately, kind of a little bit of a playboy billionaire mods out his million dollar sports car kind of a scenario…

Great rendering, just needs more fins and places for missles to pop out of. :laughing:

Cool! What software did you use to render? I’d love to see a tutorial on this.

just photoshop. I’l have to save the steps next time. It took about 2 hours from sketching out 5-6 variations to this.

word, looks more knignt rider than batmobile…i think the dark knignt would have some trouble getting in & out with the bat ear and cape!

Hmmm, knight rider, could be right. I’l modify a red light in the front… now to get the sound into the rendering… the idea was to take the Batmobile down a new path, a little more Bruce Wayne. Simple, but multi facetted. Very Lamborgini/ Stealth fighter. Svelte, but tough.

Cool! Can you post all your sketches and ideas?

I love to see process!!


no process on this… it was just a procrastination doodle that kept going… … …

I love the new direction that the Christian Bale Batman has taken from a style and imagery standpoint. More “realistic”, less “campy”. I could see this becoming an evolution of the batmobile in that series as Batman matures…but the Hummer on Steroids Batmobile was pretty awesome.

I just love batmobile… :slight_smile: