Batman Begins

Good movie, but I got 2 questions… or rather, complains.

BTW this is going to be a spoiler so don’t read it if you haven’t watched it.

1.) Bruce was in a Chinese prison and I suppose it’s somewhere near the western part of China… Tibet or something like that. So why the hell was he learning Ninja skills in China?

2.) The microwave device is set to vaporize water. Human is 70% water, so everyone should have boiled instead.

The introduction of Batman was nice, but it gets less exciting later. I am comparing it with the stereotypical Batman movie where there is one distinct bad guy and a long action scene of fighting, including the kidnapping of the girl. Well, Batman Begins has all those, but just not enough. I feel that they are trying to cramp as much into the 2.5 hrs, so I thought it had more potential then what I saw. Maybe I will feel different when I watch it again. Still nice!

BTW, wasn’t Joker supposed to be the person who killed Bruce’s parents? Or have I remembered it wrong from the first Batman movie?

I didn’t have a problem with the ninjitsu training in china being that the people who were teaching him were a rogue militia hiding out.

As for the microwave device, you are correct that it should boil ppl to. But, I don’t recall seeing anyone passing in front of it. It appeared as though it was a directional device. Have to see it again to tell.

It was my understanding about the Joker as well. However, it is my opinion that this movie was intended to separate itself from the rest of the franchise. Start fresh, so to speak.

I haven’t read any of the recent batman graphic novels. I would appreciate if anyone else has any better insight into the Joker/Bruce’s parents relationship.

I found this to be the best Batman movie by a long shot. The lack of formula (bad guy, get the girl, fight scene) is what I enjoyed most. They kept the darkness and style of the Burton Batman, but left out the campy formulaic garbage that kept me from buying into the previous Batman attempts.

I would go as far as saying that this is the best action movie I have seen in a long, long time.

The Joker thing killing the parents really bugs me man, yes it was him (he says something like “have you danced with the devil in the moonlight?” or something like that, what was the director thinking about??
Agreed that it is nice though.

i’m not positive, but i think joker killing his parents didnt happen in the original comic book, i remember people being pissed off that they added that to the movie. I think this story is closer to the original story line.


it WAS joker who mugged the three of them (dad, mom, young bruce with knee high socks) in the alley while dad was fumbling with a map and got lost in gotham city.

obviously, it was before he became the joker and was a petty street thug.

I have a bunch of old graphic novels.


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