Basketball shoe recommendations

Hello all,

I’m currently searching for some nice basketball shoes (to play basketball with). I prefer high-tops for the ankle support (I’m a roller). Any recommendations? Budget-wise I’m looking for sub-$100. It’d be interesting to get some shoe designers’ inputs with their inside knowledge to shoe design, functionality, materials, etc.


hard to make recommendations since there is so much turnover in product, i have had a couple great bball shoes but many of them are now replaced with new versions. that being said, im in my 2nd year/season of playing in hyperdunks and i like them quite a bit, pretty good ankle support and lightweight. from my experience sub $100 is tough, usually cheaper outsole materials that i have had problems with in terms of comfort/feet hurting after playing. but i only buy 1 pair every 2 years so its not like i have much to base my opinion on.