Basic Tangency quesions from Rhino

I have been playing with Rhino this week. how do you force a curve tangent to another curve … and to a surface. In alias you project tangent. It is surprising familiar to me resembling the late 80’s AutoCAD toolkit.

Secondly there is a Rail tool but is there no Square tool like in Alias Studio? Or the typical four part boundary tool. i am sure I am just not looking in the right place.

Thanks in advance

I believe the command is MatchCrv

what about a surface that looks at two end curves (like skin surface) in Alias. How do I get that surface to go tangent to a trim surface?

You can define a surface by 2,3,or 4 edge curves, or by a curve network defining the edges and interior profiles. I have learned more that I imagine anyone can care to know about Rhino surfaces over the last six months, so feel free to pm me with Rhino q’s.

Also, does anyone know anything about history enable geometry in rhino?

Imagine the tongue surface before the trims… I build that in Alias and Pro/E and call it a skin surface. I force tangent at the top without using the side curves… just force the surface tangent. From you post above its the ‘2’ option.

How do you do that in Rhino?

Design engine is conducting a Yacht design workshop next month and i want to learn Rhino well enough so I don’t hold the class back. Again under pressure makes me learn. Looks cool too… I cant afford gas for the bugger but the class looks cool.

If you want to force a continuity on a curve, you use Match, and for a surface, you use MatchSrf.

The workflow can be a bit different in Rhino…you usually define the continuities AFTER creating the curve/surface (unlike Pro/E where you do it on the go).

In this particular case, since the tongue edge is smaller than the edge its sitting on, you may have to split the longer edge…use Surface > Surface Edit Tools > Split at Isocurve, and snap to the vertices of the tongue…this way you get the edge lengths to match. Now you can use MatchSrf and make the tongue tangent to the parent surface.

P.S: Laptop running low on power & charger is a little inaccessible…would’ve given you snapshots otherwise.[/i]