basic solidworks help(files types for rapidP, for 3ds max, r

what file types can solidworks save as for rapid prototyping?
what all files other than stl?

what files can be opened in rhino and 3ds max?
what is teh best way to save a photoworks rendering? jpeg or tiff etc?

how do you copy a solidworks assembly so that the references are broken?

solidworks 2006 has new features for keeping or deleting references. but basically you have two options:

1-open individual parts without any assembly or sub-assembly open, rename and save, eithr keep the references or delete them.

2- delete references in the assembly by r-clicking on each part choosing list references a box appears then ok. after that use save as diag, then click the change refs on right bottom corner, a diag appears with all the parts, change their name, save with new name. that way you also keep the old file.

for more new features and options use solidworks help.

this doesn’t make sense

to try and put it another way, Solidworks will allow you to save while choosing which files to reference.
so, for example, If I was to use the Cavity function in an assembly to make a part, or a part mold. I could then use Save As to create a copy of that file, without the refferenced files.
The features will be the same, but the part won’t have the references.

So, I want to import a vector line. Cant figure it out. The way ive done it so far is to create my own font and assign my line the b key or whatever, and then use the type sketch tool. I dont like doing it this way. Anyone?

As far as i know there is no vector integration with solidworks.
I ask about it every year at the update meetings and every time i am on the phone with the supprt guys.

hmm- 2005 had vector integration. You can open a dwg or dxf file and import it into a part file. Copy and paste the sketch to which ever part you want to send the sketch to. 2006 has the capability of opening Illustrator .ai files. You can group curves together and then scale them move them etc. I believe that you can pull on individual control points as well (let me confirm this last sentence though)

Funtimepartyteam: wow- I can see how that would be really irritating. Very creative workaround though.