BASE Jump Helmet - From start to end -

Hey Y’all
First post here not really a new project but shows some of the work flow.
It is a BASE jump/ Swooping helmet.
All carbon fiber made it has air intakes on the sides help the user measure the speed through the sound of the wind.
here you can check some of the steps of the project.
Hope you guys enjoy.
Looking forward to hear the comments,

Love the sketches.

That’s the stuff! Thanks for posting. I love the shot of all the shells ready for assembly!

nice to see the project and progress. i sketches and everything look great. i only wonder why paint the carbon shells. they look so nice just showing the fibre!


Thank you guys for the comments,

Yeah I think the same, love the carbon, but it is such a common material in the Skydive world that people end up going for the colored ones. And usually manufacturers allow the costumers to pic the color.

some examples here:

And for some images of the product in action check this video out:


does it come with a dust pan?

Great looking project. Can’t help but giggle though. A helmet on a skydiver?

You have no idea how many times I asked myself the same question during the start of this project! LoL

There are a few safety issues, departure/ mid air / landing collisions. Sometimes one can get hurt with the canopy’s cables (if it’s not properly packed) and you can attache an audible altimeter inside the helmet that beeps when you are on the right high to deploy your parachute.

A non safety but important reason is hat you can place your cameras on the helmet…

But yeah, you are still jumping out of a plane, so if something goes wrong with your rig it will not be a helmet that will do the trick.

Great project. Thanks for sharing the overview of the process.

I am curious, was this a school project that gained momentum and was produced for retail or was this a project that you produced for a client, or did you establish a business for this helmet?

Regardless, congratulations on your success!

Thanks Architorture,

Even though I’m still a student this was a freelance project.
I was contacted via Coroflot.

Sweet Post, I love the fact that you have posted everything from preliminary sketches down to production models!

Thanks for this!, it great to see

Yeah I always try to register my projects…
It’s great to review and good for the portfolio.
Really glad you guys enjoy it!

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This is just awesome! :smiley:
thanks for the support!

Thats some awesome sketches there ricardo, and to share the process with us… thx a million!!!

This is really cool. I like how the project is presented, sketches, photos, etc. I’m a student too, and was just curious about how your helmet form changed between the illustrator/photoshop renderings to the Alias rendering? Was it a stroke of inspiration while working in Alias? Or, was that from feedback with the client?

shinny…thanks for sharing. Love that photo of all the alternative versions and great to see the process you went though.

Hey frdiby,
glad you enjoyed… Yeah there was quite a big change but if you look at the first option of the three you can see some similarities.

What happened was that in the middle of the creative process the client decided to change the the target group so basically the helmet had to fill other needs.

And also once you go from 2D to 3D your perception changes completely and you realize what looked cool flat doesn’t look as cool on a volume.

why does the helmet have the chamfered edge to the back? Is that a part of a design element … design language? I love the Alias screen shot.

Absolutely brilliant post ricardo…I really like the way you have shown the whole process as illustrations…the sketches put on the board are pretty impressive…very inspirational post to be true…

It would be great if you could post how “the concept” got short listed…just curious about the design approach… :slight_smile:

Thank all you guys for the interest and feedback once more.

The design language was written together with the design process. So basically, this helmet is a first sight of the design process applied to a product

After a lot of studies and researches on the market and users we decided to go for the chosen concept.
But there is always the personal taste and style of the client and designer not to mention the productions factors.