barber chair for children or babies

i am currently doing research for the new product development of barber chair for children or babies,is there anyone who would kindly enough to give me some advice or some info about that? :slight_smile:

Have a baby?

you might talk to some babies and parents

also think about talking to hair stylists? there are some places that specialize in kids, check the phone book

I wouldn’t expect people here to do that kind of leg work and just post it here.

i don’t have a baby,i am still a uni student now.But i have interviewed 100 babies’ parents…when i began to design,i found there were no old products to learn from.have u ever seen some products like this before?

Ever seen a booster seat? Child safety seat for a car?

check out this one. it can be used for 1-10 yearolds, i guess. great ergonomics

where can i find some ergonomics data about asian children?

check out h topic. by accident i posted the reply there

i would recomend this book. i have a photo of all the pages but its too big 130mMB to send it in an email.

seorch for it. and if u can not find i might send u some pages that are the most important for u. give me the age.

i posted here also :oops:

I want the data of asian children from 0.5–6 years old.As u supposed,I can’t find that book here.could you please send these pages to my email?I want the data for the size of the barber chair for children.My address is you so much!!! :slight_smile:

i fortunately realized that there are UK US details mostly in the book. i only found few pages.
but i 'll them. :frowning:

send them

my email is
thank u so much!! :smiley:

I think if want to make barber chairs for children or babies ,the first, must be safety;second,around the chairs,you can make some funny things,it can give children or babies compose when they in barber chairs.(my own opinion)