Bandladesh/ Education and Childcare

Our school (SCAD) is currently in the middle of a Charrette with the host company Continuum. Designing for the other 90% is the theme. The students were split into groups with different areas of the world to focus on with different different categories.

I was selected to focus in Asia with the category of Education and Childcare.

My group has decided to narrow the project down to the country of Bangladesh.

We need to come up with the following things in the next 3days:

*how to change peoples will

  • Create a product
  • Design a service
  • Create a manifesto
  • Create contacts

We need help with the last part.

Does anyone have any experience with helping people in Bangladesh? or specifically with education?

Do you know anyone who has?

Or do you have any type of information that will help our project out with any of the parts listed above.

Thank you for your time.

-Garret Miller