bamboo veneer sourcing in the sf bay area

hey Core folks-

I am working on a project where I need to source very thin sheets of bamboo veneer. I know where to find flooring samples, but I’m looking for something with a wall thickness of no more than 1/8".

I feel like living in the Bay Area I should have some local options…found a source in Oregon, but I’d like to keep it local.

Thoughts, suggestions would be much appreciated.


They used to make a veneer that they peeled off the bamboo much like they do in the timber industry unlike what they’re offering now in a gluelam type of veneer. I don’t know how much you need but the last time I was there they gave me a few sheets of it. There wasn’t much left of it.
It’s approx 20"x 72"xmaybe a thin 1/32"