Baltimore Design Center


On June 26th from 6-9pm at Load of Fun 120 W. North Avenue there will be a brainstorming session on the idea of a “Design Center” for Baltimore. The Baltimore design community has been discussing possibilities for such a central place for design and discourse for many years. Such centers have opened with great success in many cities across the world. We, a group of interested parties loosely organized around the AIABaltimore Urban Design Committee have taken this up and orgainized this event to discuss what such a center could do and how it could be made viable. For more details go to and click “Design Center.”

Do you guys allow Landscape Architects to play too? My buddy lives in Baltimore, I’ll have to let him know, if doesn’t already.

I hope so, my background is ID. The event is organized by the AIA, but it doesnt seem like you have to be an architect to attend.

I have no affiliation with the event, i found out about it today in the Baltimore Sun


Cool, I’ll let him know for sure.