Ballpark - Invoicing Estimating anyone?

Does anyone use Ballpark for invoicing/estimating/tracking? I just came across it, and it looks pretty great. For a freelancer it’s $6/month. For the few freelance projects I do, I basically make my own invoices, etc. But this looks pretty handy. Might be a nice addition if I get into more freelance work.

Are there other similar sites/programs out there that anyone uses?

When I first started out it was hard to track all the printed invoices and I dreamed of a simple invoice software. I started using quickbooks pro and for me that works really well to track expenses, income and manage invoices. It made taxes a lot easier too.

It’s hard to use at first but after a while it’s pretty easy. You just have to stay on top of it.

I think there’s a free online simplified version.

Thanks buddy for sharing!
Really appreciate it!

My site:

looks pretty slick, though I wish it had a couple other accounting features… seems like you would still need another product like quickbooks to keep everything in order. I really like the collaborative features and online interface though

Its funny in the demo video example, Nike has the option to pay it’s contractors via paypal!

check this.

used it for a few projects. it’s really slick, even has an iPhone time tracking app, and can do all sorts of things. Free version available too.


looks good, thanks R!

You should try fetchflow. They offer full featured invoicing solution for free. It is OS independent as it is web based. You can create Unlimited PDF [Adobe PDF] branded invoices, estimates & PO’s. There are many cool features like paypal integrated invoice payments,MS-Excel template based invoicing,Integrated stock & catalog invoicing etc.And many useful add-on,s are also available.