Ball bearing and general mechanism references

Hey guys, I’m working on a project that involves a simple bearing swivel with a ratcheting mechanism. I was wondering if you all a.) have any clever examples of assemblies like this or b). references that you have/go to when you need to understand a mechanism through simple visualization.

I have a couple solutions but I often find myself realizing there are better ways to assemble a mechanism halfway through the process.


Use a one-way bearing, then you have everything integrated in one bearing. However they are very expensive when buying from the well known bearing manufacturers. The bearing are common in the roll-to-roll industry and thus needs precision and reliability. I figure your project don’t need that kind of precision.

We needed a ratchet mechanism and bearing also in a project and we bought bearings from One way bearings manufacturer China, one-way clutch bearing, Overrunning Cluthes, STIEBER Clutch STIEBER - First Choice in Freewheels! Backstops, Overrunning Clutches for industrial applications. Versions with clamping rollers ore sprags, with or without bearings. In size of ball bearings ie series 62, CSK series one-way bearings, sprag freewheel clutches CSK8, CSK12, CSK15, CSK17, CSK20, CSK25, CSK30, CSK35, CSK40, China, Ningbo, Cixi without any problems and to a good price, its the same price for any amount of quantity ordered.

And for the examples and references. Just think of products that work similar the way you want, buy it and pick it apart or just google images for it and try to find the technical term for the mechanism. Bicycles, fishing reels and of course, ratchet wrenches have the same function.

JEriksson, the one way bearings are perfect for this project. I was looking at bike steering assemblies in the beginning since I’m pretty familiar with them, but the assembly for this project could definitely be reduced. I’ll definitely fish out my reels from the garage and take those apart. Thanks for the input.