bags, cases, packs...

any lead, tips, usefull insights for designing bags?
sketching techniques, rendering and other stuffs?

I tend to sketch the stuff out pretty simply like the below:

a few tighter ones I dug up…

nice! dodge and burn combo?
i find it uneasy to shade color in photoshop using mouse…
is it better using a pen and tablet rendering?

hello all

how do you guys translate or pass on the designs to be sampled in China side factories?

m having trouble if m giving enough or proper specs to suplier, i place front, sides and back dimensions but somehow they are still confused and most of them barely speak english… pls advice

if you only have a mouse, try using the pen tool in photoshop and stroke the path you make with the pen. use a large brush and low opacity to make a gradual fade. also try to work with the gradient tool.

note…when i say low opacity i mean low opacity…4% or so.


maybe you could try taking pictures of your “research”- showing comparative information. Try using simple yes/no good/bad icons to show what you like and what you don’t.

If this is a specific design from ground up with NO relationships to other bags, maybe you could try measuring tape and numbers to offer the correct spec.

good luck!

I assume you’ve seen this topic as well?

thanks for the thread…

heres a page from the specs i gave my supplier.

should we prepare the pattern for them as well?

Here’s a recent messenger bag…

Those are nice!! I really like the detail you show. Good work. Be good to some more of it too.


had to all caps that one.

those messanger bags are CRAZY.

total hottness. i like the way you didnt overkill the contrast, but the form still reads so nicely.

was this freelance?


Thanks guys. David, no these are for this little company I work for down here in Arkansas. If we end up putting it through, it’ll likely retail for about $15.

Mike, part of the reason I posted it here is because I’ve been studying your dodge & burn rendering technique this this week (used it on a couple shoes too). I now see why you do it that way. You can bring things to life really quick!

I would be very curious how long it took you to get the base drawings done for those messenger bags.

wow! nice rendering man! way to go, so inspiring to see designs like those, would you mind sharing pointer step by step how to achieve them from scratch and how long does it usually to prep them. thanks looking forward for your tips!

I did it in one afternoon.

Here is one sample how I put up a backpack design for SLR camera intended for sample making in a Chinese sample room.

External views plus all the needed details such as organizer, pockets, logos
zipper pulls and most important the bag dimension.

Since I am working with these guys for 1 yr + I am pretty comfortable with providing them just these simple drawings. Pretty much after 2-3 shots of sampling. They already made me happy :slight_smile:

Hi, Nice renderings everyone
Just wondering what information you would have on patterns if you are sending spec sheets aswell.

Hi, Nice renderings everyone
Just wondering what information you would have on patterns if you are sending spec sheets aswell.