Baggu shopping bag on the front page

I am disappointed with this entry.

Bigger doesn’t mean better. I have a big old tough luggage, but if I fill it up, it gets overweight. If I don’t, things inside get tossed around.

… and how much weight can a hand hold? How much pressure can a hand take?

Furthermore, I don’t want to ruin my mangoes by squeezing them with other hard items in the bag. (especially when N.Americans tend to buy boxed food)

What about those who shop in traditional wet markets who don’t have a kart to push around while they are shopping?

There are tons of better designs out there. I wonder what makes this one deserve a special mention.

In terms of trying to get people to stop using plastic bags it’s not too bad, but the problem is, as stated, people using plastic bags!

Ireland started charging for plastic bags years ago, I think it was about 15cent for a bag, and people started bringing their own bags when shopping rather than wasting 1. their money and 2. the plastic bags!

Is that not the most important thing here?

But yeah MC, it’s an ill-considered product as you state. And lets be honest, who after a long day of work, then going to the shops, and putting all the food away, wants to sit down and systematically fold up a bag. Not me.

plastic bags are very recycleable, the store where I shop has a bin to bring them back where they are shipped off for that purpose. Why not just “recycle” a old kids stroller, bit of modifcation and you have a personal cart that can haul up to 60lbs.

Where I am from they also started introducing restriction on plastic bags.

So now, if you want to use a plastic bag, you have to buy it at the cashier. However, since you are not paying for it, the plastic bags are thicker and tougher, to encourage multiple uses.

Naturally, because of this restriction, there are many creative solutions sprining out for shopping bags.

I personally has this canvas one that unfolds itself to become a semi-kart. It’s a long canvas bag with folding wheels that you can drag, and when folded, is no bigger than the Bugga.

Folding plastic bag a hassle? I don’t suppose you use umbrella often huh?

Also, why recycle when you can reuse?

I was actually thinking along the line of a shopping bag with compartments that helps to separate food items. The compartment itself can also have a little rigidity to help itself stand upright when resting it on the floor. A set of folding wheels will be good too.

Also, having to prepare your own shopping bag also helps you to regulate how much you buy. It’s an interesting phenomenon on consumerism.

I was scratching my head on that post too.

I use two canvas bags with long enough handles to use as a shoulder strap. That solves the weight problem. The canvas solves the durability problem. I’ve looked at these plastic sacks, I have to say, they look cheap. I’ll keep my canvas bags any day!

Here’s an interesting recent event:

Riots Almost Break Out For Eco-Friendly Hindmarch Bag

This same thing happened in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Then, in Taiwan, there’s this lady who makes very beautiful shopping bags out of used rice sacks. They are extremely tough and cost effective.

My dad used to tell me that back in his days, when the US had a strong presence back home, there were grain sacks with a US-Taiwan hand shake icon, and moms will make underwears for kids out of those used sacks. So you will see little kids running around with the handshake icon on their butts.

I wish someone kept theirs. Would be a historic item by now.

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