Badge Vendor

I am looking for a vendor of those squishy domed urethane branding badges you see on a lot of electronics parts. It is basically a logo printed on a vinyl sheet with an adhesive backing. It then has a “blob” of soft urethane over top like a drop of water.


thank you!

If you want a local source try-

Image Graphics Ltd
7-2062 Henry Avenue, Sidney, BC V8L 5Y1
Telephone : 250-656-0676

They don’t seem to have a website (not a good sign…)

No, not a good sign.

Lafrance was the name of the company I used in the past but couldn’t think of the name. GM Nameplate was another…but man…they were annoying to work with.

If anyone knows of an asian vendor that does this kind of work, I would be very interested in getting that info as well.

We use Serico, south of Montreal. They typically have good pricing (and a website).

pretty sure LaFrance has operations all over including
China. They also have good relationships with many
other vendors there. They have been pretty great to
work with.
Another place to consider might be Northern Engraving.

Northern Engraving is also excellent, but I’m not sure if they do those god-awful dome badges.

I hate those badges also :wink:

Sometimes, as a designer, you just have to swallow the ugly.